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How to assure large transformational programs?

Jointly hosted by TCS and RSA, Scandinavia, the webinar on August 27, 2014, 09:30 hrs EDT / 13:30 hrs GMT shared insights on assuring large transformational programs.

Organizations today are embarking on large transformational programs to address evolving business models, offering superior end customer experience and gaining a competitive edge. You need a robust assurance strategy to achieve this successfully.

And that’s what RSA Scandinavia, part of the RSA global network of insurers, precisely did successfully.

RSA Scandinavia put in place, a robust assurance strategy to streamline their claims management process
and accelerate speed to market. Today, they are moving towards a unified Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) Model.

Watch this webinar by TCS and RSA Scandinavia, where we shared the winning formula to assure large transformational programs.

Watch the recorded webinar

In this webinar on assurance and testing for large transformation programs, topics discussed include:

  • Common challenges when assuring and testing large transformational programs
  • Critical success factors when assuring transformational programs
  • Key tenets for building a TCoE


  • Soren Pauli, Head of Quality Assurance, RSA Scandinavia
  • Reza Sharifi, Test Manager, RSA Scandinavia
  • Pradeep Karthikeyan, Solution Delivery Lead, TCS

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