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TCS BaNCS: Enabling Transformation

Top 5 - Best Selling Universal Banking SystemTCS BaNCS enables transformation in financial services through its holistic suite of solutions. A market-ready universal financial platform, each solution in the suite runs as a scalable, robust component, fully integrated with existing business models and enterprise and technology infrastructures. The TCS BaNCS platform encompasses an array of pre-configured, customizable banking, capital markets and insurance products. All these products are integrated across their respective value chains through business process configurability available via the service integrator component of the product suite. Built on open architecture, this component-based product suite leverages service-oriented and event-driven architectures. Based on TCS’ in-depth market understanding through numerous interactions with more than 280 customers across 80 countries, this product suite offers one of the broadest end-to-end functionalities for financial services. 

TCS BaNCS aspires to be better than established benchmarks. Therefore, we have embedded an Alpha (“α”) consciously and prominently within our brand, to remind ourselves of the superior returns that we strive to deliver to our customers.

Leverage the TCS BaNCS Advantage with the following:

  • Ability to foster rapid time-to-market with new products, allowing you to transform yourself into a nimble competitor with scalable offerings
  • Ability to turn in consistent and impressive benchmark results, with a fine-tuned, highly-scalable technology architecture that supports financial institutions with the highest capacities for the following:
    • Transaction volumes
    • Peak transactions per second
    • Numbers of users and branches
    • Transaction history size

These benchmark results scale both up and down, allowing financial institutions to exceed their competition at any size.

  • The TCS Co-Innovation Network that is a true partnership framework for sharing best practices and innovation
  • The Experience Certainty” mindset that ensures the brightest of futures for all customers
  • Our full services play that helps enhance customer confidence and builds brand reputation through a culture of consistent availability and high performance

One of TCS BaNCS’ unique differentiators is its high scalability and availability, as proven by its selection by two of the world’s largest banks (largest in terms of branch infrastructure).

The Core Banking platform from TCS BaNCS on HP Superdome Servers delivered outstanding benchmark results for one of the world’s largest retail banks; with a benchmark of 1 billion accounts – the batch window processing for loan and deposits were completed in 88 minutes sustaining peak online transactions per seconds – 17,154.

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TCS Financial Solutions

At TCS Financial Solutions, we have architected the TCS BaNCS suite of solutions, embedding the interactive, intuitive and instantaneous nature of the emerging business of financial services, coupled with service orientation to empower your needs.


TCS BaNCS through the years and across the globe

In this video, we present customer success stories from banking, capital markets and insurance, highlighting key metrics around operational efficiency, reduced costs and improved productivity.

Press Releases

Launch of TCS BaNCS Digital platform to help banks deliver hyper-connected, personalized experience to customers

TCS announced the launch of its latest solution, TCS BaNCS Digital, to help financial institutions reimagine the digital experience for their customers and build a seamless and interconnected bank.

TCS in the News

TCS adopts BIAN to ensure standardization in technology for banking

TCS joined Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) in November 2012 to work closely with it in developing standards for the core business capabilities of a retail bank.