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Taking banking to the unbanked

The Financial Inclusion solution from TCS BaNCS  is a comprehensive microfinance platform that facilitates banking services to the unbanked population.

It provides organizations with increased transparency, clear audit trails and greater control over their solution. With the usage of biometric technology and smart card technologies, it helps prevent fraud. Transactions carried out on any of these devices can be processed by the bank’s core banking system in real-time depending on the availability of network connections.

The financial inclusion component runs on remote, handheld devices and is capable of reaching out and delivering services to remote areas inaccessible to traditional banking network. Our solution helps banks overcome the key barrier of lack of infrastructure in remote areas providing doorstep banking in such regions.

The key factors in TCS BaNCS gateway, leading to a successful microfinance solution, include the following:

  • Seamless integration with a bank’s core banking solution online (offline, when necessary)
  • Extensive outreach
  • Low operational costs, by design
  • Focus on compliance and fraud prevention
  • Proven and standardized technology

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TCS in the News

Big Ticks: Awards for Excellence 2012

TCS Financial Inclusion - Transforming Rural Initiative wins International Award Big Tick 2012. The Big Tick recognition is a public acknowledgement of TCS’ significant focus on responsible business and a valued endorsement.