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TCS Bancs | Application Performance Management


CA Wily Application Performance Management (APM) solution from TCS BaNCS deals with real-time data, providing insights into end-user experience. Further, it helps deliver reliable and efficient IT services to increase revenue and acquire new customers.

Modeled on the Wily Introscope tool in association with Computer Associates (CA), CA Wily APM solution from TCS BaNCS helps financial institutions to:

  • Identify and prioritize performance problems proactively, on the basis of business impact and problem triage
  • Detect and aggregate transaction errors and performance problems
  • Establish, track and report Service Level Agreements
  • Support problem triage efficiently and promptly
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

In the event of an incident or a performance problem, the solution promptly identifies the following:

  • The affected customers
  • The affected system
  • The nature and severity of the problem triage

The solution places optimum importance to user experience in its risk mitigation and crisis management functions.

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