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Custody Solution


For custodians the world over, the foremost challenge lies in maintaining a synchronous balance with technological trends,  re-examining their business processes, and re-engineering systems to accommodate transaction processing. Technological innovation, with an eye on cost, client servicing and regulatory pressures holds the key.

The TCS Advantage

The Custody solution from TCS BaNCS, deployed by leading custodians in markets across Australia, Asia, Europe, USA, Africa, South America and the Middle East, offers the following advantages:

  • Highly scalable processing infrastructure
  • Management of high volumes of local as well as cross-border trades
  • Support for multiple currencies, entities and markets
  • Reduced TCO through open and highly interoperable technology components
  • A 24X7 processing environment to service the global securities markets
  • Compliance with global standards (SWIFT - SMPG and NMPG guidelines, FIX, etc.)


  • Position keeping that supports multi-asset class, multi-market position types including equities, fixed income, funds, derivatives, foreign exchange, and money market instruments
  • Client-level standing instructions and rule-based processing for automated trade enrichment and validation
  • Automatic work item creation to the user along with options for severity/flow/reassignment
  • Highly granular and flexible client and street-side position keeping model, real-time positions update
  • Support for position based on buckets – Settled, To Deliver, To Receive, Lent, Borrowed, Pledged
  • Connected to markets, information providers, and street-side entities, thus acting as the hub of an electronic network
  • Embedded with announcement capture, corporate actions and lending functionalities, providing trade affirmation and pre-matching services, while also supporting contractual as well as actual settlements


  • Stay competitive amidst rapidly changing regulations and unstable markets
  • Deal with diverse offshore hedge-funds markets and diversified financial instruments
  • Manage trading volumes with cost efficiency and transparency
  • Maximize operational efficiency  for better client servicing and improved regulatory compliance
  • Be flexible to handle growth in your business

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Standard Chartered Bank rolls out custody operations in 40 markets through a single custody platform from TCS BaNCS

Peter Okane, Product Development Head, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank, talks about long term partnership with TCS BaNCS and roll out of custody operation in 40 markets on a single custody platform from TCS BaNCS.


Standard Chartered Bank starts custody operations in Middle East and South Africa through a single custody platform from TCS BaNCS

Alan Naughton, Head, Securities Services & Corporate Agency, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank, talks about implementation of custody operations in Middle East and South Africa through TCS BaNCS.

Case Studies

TCS BaNCS helps CorpBanca to adhere to the regulatory mandate and becomethe first custodian of investment funds in Colombia

Read how TCS BaNCS solutions enabled CorpBanca to serve its global and local clients through a single, homegeneous IT platform