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It is imperative for insurers to focus on process efficiency as a way of retaining existing—and gaining new customers. Most insurers realize the need to facilitate quicker decision making processes, and enable their sales force to expand their reach, irrespective of connectivity.

The Agent’s Workbench solution from TCS BaNCS is the answer to all the above needs. TCS BaNCS is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for banks, capital markets firms, insurance companies, and diversified financial institutions. The Insurance solution from TCS BaNCS comprises a suite of solutions that perform multiple functions to meet the varied needs of insurance enterprises across lines of business, distribution channels and customer segments.

Agent Workbench is a stand-alone, connected, on-demand, browser-based application, which enables sales personnel to conduct pre-sale and post-sale activities offline efficiently. It makes it easier to present customers with facts and numbers, and personalized services, achieving a high closing ratio.

The Agent Workbench solution is a feature-rich application that helps automate various aspects of the insurance business. Internal users, agents, development officers and intermediaries can all access the system in a secure manner. Using this solution, an organization can:

  • Perform routine operational tasks without being limited by connectivity
  • Enhance customer relationships by providing superior and reliable services
  • Spur sales by making uniform presentations and offering standard quotations that conform to company and regulatory norms

The key features of this solution include:

  • Illustration, plan combination and comparison – Agents can capture prospect information and generate illustrations, which display the premium expenditure and receivable benefits on a year-on-year basis, based on the product parameters. This can be done on a laptop or desktop and for multiple plans.
  • System management and administration – It enables the staff to upload data (policy data, NAV, and so on), share it with customers and provide prompt services.
  • Insurance calculation – Provision for calculating premium, SV, paid-up data and maturity value, and presenting accurate information. This allows staff to make right calculations and share the data immediately with customers to facilitate fast and informed decision making.
  • Customer information – Helps in capturing, storing and reviewing customer information; assists marketing and after-sale activities.
  • Utilities – All the marketing support material including product brochures and other static content is readily available at hand. A personal organizer with an action planner, a festival calendar and other such features help prioritize work and reach targets.

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