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FORE™ - TCS’ process maturity assessment and transformation model


TCS’ process maturity assessment and transformation methodology, FORE™ enables organizations accelerate their journey toward business excellence.

Client Testimonial: TCS’ FORE™ transformation methodology delivers efficiency and effectiveness for National Grid
In this video, Helen Barratt, Head of UK Shared Services, National Grid, describes how the TCS’ FORE™ methodology enabled National Grid to improve its processes to industry standards, thereby driving efficiency and effectiveness in its business.

client challenges

A lack of a unified approach across technology, consulting and analytics to achieve strategic goals is a result of the following:

  • Non-standard business processes
  • Unavailability of tools / technology / methodology to assess the maturity of existing processes
  • Inability to have a single source of truth to derive insights that drive business decisions

What TCS Provides

TCS’ FORE™  methodology includes the following:

  • Establishing the current process maturity baseline
  • Identifying target performance using benchmarks and GOLD SIPOC
  • Recommending and implementing a roadmap to achieve excellence 

Business Value

  • Cost savings (excluding wage arbitrage) of about 20-25%
  • Reduction in cycle time and exceptions of about 10-15%
  • Productivity improvement of 15-20% over a 12-18 month period


FORE™ - TCS’ process maturity assessment and transformation model

Learn how TCS’ FORE™ methodology helps you accelerate your transformation journey to achieve your business goals efficiently and effectively.