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Analytics & Insights Services


TCS' Analytics and Insights services provide insights into your business and enable you to take data-driven decisions across functions.

We help you analyze the business environment accurately and take strategic and timely decisions that help you unlock your growth potential and become a market leader.   


The global economy, today, compels organizations to operate under unparalleled competitive and regulatory environments. At the same time, many markets are now mature, with shrinking decision cycles and a short time-to-market. In this scenario, organizational decisions need to be based on accurate and insightful data. Analytics, therefore, has become an integral part of the business plan of any organization, helping to assess the business environment accurately and predict future trends.

TCS’ Analytics and Insights services help you take faster and smarter business decisions. We also help you analyze large volumes of business data, test various hypotheses against this data, and arrive at conclusions that help define effective business strategies. Further, we use innovative tools and technologies to deliver superior results. With proven experience in seamless transition and integrated approaches, we have implemented business-centric services for various Fortune 500 clients.

Solutions we offer

We bring in expert statisticians, analysts and domain experts to help our customers analyze their operational, business and external data to gain insights that help them be more agile and responsive to the market. This analysis spans across industries and includes:

  • Customer insights: To help you understand consumption trends, loyalty and customer behaviour and manage the 4Ps (product, price, promotion, place) better
  • Financial insights: To help you manage expenditure, cash flow and investments better for faster revenue growth
  • Marketing analytics: To help marketing teams deliver the right customer acquisition, growth, retention and profitability initiatives, and measure brands and channels  across digital, social and traditional media
  • Risk analytics: To help risk officers across BFS, insurance and healthcare industries effectively prevent fraud, reduce losses, and optimize their response to regulatory reporting
  • Spend analytics: To helping you analyze spending patterns to increase profitability and enhance savings
  • Supply chain analytics: To help supply chain teams to effectively forecast demand and manage supply and inventory in a cost efficient manner, thereby improving the bottom-line

experience Certainty

Experience Leadership

We help you anticipate and respond quickly to the demanding marketplace and take decisive action to gain leadership by ensuring:

  • Upto 10% increase in sales turnover
  • Upto 200% increase in campaign response rate
  • Increase in profitability through better retention plans
  • Efficient cash flow management and increased profitability per unit of capital employed
  • Reduction in portfolio risk
  • Early indication of credit deterioration
  • Maintenance of optimum inventory levels for store segments to prevent stock-outs

Experience Partnership
We partner you in your journey towards business excellence by:

  • Building long term customer loyalty
  • Understanding customer needs effectively to improve and customize product development

Experience Results
We enable you to deliver results in demanding business environments, increase revenue and improve your bottom-line by ensuring:

  • Upto 70% reduction in cost of customer data acquisition
  • Upto 20% reduction in marketing spend
  • Reduction in inventory carrying costs and asset costs
  • Improved efficiency in collection strategies

The TCS Advantage

Industry Domain Expertise: Our patent pending analytical models and solutions in areas such as market positioning, customer lifetime value, price simulation and inventory rationalization help you capture multiple variances and adapt them to business needs. We have a highly skilled team of over 2,750 analysts with academic backgrounds in business management, statistics, econometrics, economics, life sciences, operations research and supply chain management. We also have a team of PhD holders with domain specializations in analytics across different industries.

Process transformation: Our FORETM methodology helps in your journey along the analytics maturity curve moving from descriptive reports and alerts to predictive analytics and optimization solutions.

Business transformation: Our analytics platform is a comprehensive business intelligence and analytics solution that encompasses sales, marketing, customer interaction management , human resources, finance, supply chain and procurement. Customized versions are available for industries like retail and manufacturing. The platform comes ready with industry standard KPIs, role-based dashboards, data models, source data connectors and an easy-to-use rich user interface.

Delivery excellence: Our digitized project governance helps to efficiently track and monitor our performance across all levels in an engagement. We help accelerate your business performance through continuous improvement initiatives.

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Analytics & Insights Services

Learn how TCS’ Analytics & Insights Services help you with insights into your business, enabling you to take data-driven decisions across functions.