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Analytics & Insights Services


Today, the global economy compels organizations to operate in a highly competitive and challenging environment. Organizational decisions need to be based on accurate and insightful data. Analytics, therefore, has become an integral part of the business plan of any organization, helping to assess the business environment accurately, mitigate risk and predict future trends.


TCS’ advanced, industry-specific analytics solutions, many of which are proprietary models, are developed in our analytics labs by a team of expert statisticians, analysts and domain experts. They help customers analyze their operational, business and external data to gain insights to be more agile and responsive to the market.

Client Testimonial: Westpac
In this video, Dr. Leif Evensen, GM Business Performance & Analytics, AFS Westpac Banking Corporation discusses how TCS’ expertise and deep domain knowledge helped them experience certainty in analytics’ capabilities and data technology.


TCS provides Analytics Services across the following industries:

Solutions we offer

Our Analytics and Insights Services includes:

  • Customer Analytics: Enables businesses to profile and segment their customers and understand consumption trends, loyalty and customer behavior to enhance value across the customer life cycle.
  • Sales & Marketing Analytics: Helps marketers plan and manage the 4 Ps (Product, Price, Place & Promotion) and measure brands and channels across digital, social and traditional media, to increase return on marketing investments.
  • Supply Chain Analytics: Equips management to make data-driven decisions to improve effectiveness and efficiency of operations, which in turn translates into decreased costs and improved profitability. 
  • Risk Analytics: Enables businesses to manage risk more efficiently by making risk-aware decisions. Also, provides financial institutions with end-to-end support in accurate, timely reporting for regulatory compliance.
  • Financial Insights: Equips businesses to manage expenditure, cash flow and investments better and uncovers insights that help in better financial planning and control.

The above-mentioned basket includes social media analytics, web analytics, mobile analytics and product-driven analytics.


  • Up to 10% increase in sales turnover 
  • Up to 200% increase in campaign response rate
  • Up to 70% reduction in cost of customer data acquisition 
  • Up to 20% reduction in marketing spend 
  • Increase in profitability through better retention plans
  • Maintenance of optimum inventory levels for store segments to prevent stock-outs

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