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TCS’ Cloud Initiatives


For the last three years, we have been providing Cloud-based offerings and solutions to our customers - from small businesses and cooperative banks to large enterprises - helping them enhance agility, improve efficiencies and scalability, provide quick service delivery, and reduce costs.


TCS has successfully implemented cloud solutions at numerous global organizations across the telecom, insurance, retail, and banking & financial services sectors, among others.

 Some of our cloud initiatives include the following:

Our cloud offerings and initiatives have encompassed the following:

  • Business cases for cloud adoption, including roadmaps, TCO and ROI analysis
  • IT architecture and operational framework for cloud computing
  • Application portfolio analysis to identify and prioritize “cloud-ready” applications and workload
  • Application remediation and optimization to achieve cloud-enabled, cloud-ready, cloud-optimized and cloud-native capabilities
  • Aligning cloud initiatives and goals with enterprise security strategy
  • Unified controls and security frameworks for effective measurement and continuous monitoring of private and hybrid cloud environments
  • Incorporating industry best practices and compliance with regulatory norms
  • IT Service Delivery analysis, with focus on change configuration, incident and SLA management
  • Assessing savings opportunities in different areas such as business intelligence and disaster recovery

Through its cloud engagements, TCS has delivered the following results:

  • Reduced “time-to-market” and helped application groups become agile in their development and testing processes
  • Provided compute resources that are scalable and real-time infrastructure with an on-demand model based on enterprise policies
  • Removed provisioning bottleneck through "Near Real-Time Provisioning"
  • Optimized costs with efficient infrastructure utilization
  • Facilitated an efficient means to provision infrastructure on a "pay-per-use" model with hybrid charge-back
  • Standardization: Business process standardization and simplification through reuse of the most commonly consumed and approved stacks and topologies, and ensure that agile compute resources are deployed
  • Emphasis on service assurance and service lifecycle management and granularity in services leading to leaner operations through managed SLAs
  • Enabled enterprises to meet stringent governance and compliance policies

TCS’ Cloud Initiatives:

Platform BPO Solutions (Platform as a Service)

We offer end-to-end service that you can plug out from your enterprise and outsource as a business process that is run on a suitable Cloud system.

We offer business process services, such as HR outsourcing, procurement, finance accounting and analytics, bundled with TCS or partner platforms - SAP and/or Oracle.

You transfer data to our platform and TCS’ BPO provides the services to your CFO, HR, procurement or your analytics teams on a pay-per-use model.

Learn more about TCS’ Platform BPO Solutions (Platform-as-a-Service)

Transformation Solutions (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)

TCS creates cloud-based business models for  IT infrastructure. We help organizations build a simplified and standardized environment that frees up resources, thereby reducing your operating costs. True to the Cloud paradigm, these offerings provide granular pricing, making it very attractive to enterprises.

Learn more about TCS’ Transformation Solution (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)

iON (Integrated IT-as-a-Service for SMBs)

iON , a platform from TCS, provides cloud services for microbusinesses in India. We have a pre-integrated suite of hardware, network and software. We provide these on demand to customers in various spaces including retail, manufacturing, education and legal.
iON uses TCS’ own technology in most cases and applications have been custom-built on a Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) layer.

Learn more about TCS’ iON (Integrated IT-as-a-Service for SMBs).


PPG Partners with TCS to deliver an industry-first mobile application

In this video, Werner Baer, VP, Information Technology, PPG Industries describes how the leading coatings and paint company utilized TCS’ expertise to take their technology infrastructure to the cloud and develop an industry-first mobile application

Case Studies

TCS helps PPG Industries with cloud-hosting, thereby widening its customers’ choices

TCS used its deep expertise in cloud computing and Microsoft technologies to deploy PPG’s North American architectural coatings web application in Azure.