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Capital Markets


For today’s capital market organizations, the ability to deal with complexity has become a competitive advantage. Globalization, dynamic competition, new technologies and regulatory reforms are introducing new layers of complexity into traditional business models.


TCS’ Capital Markets Consulting is solely focused on the needs of capital markets. Our diverse clients, ranging from leading market infrastructure entities to global financial services firms, partner with us for our domain expertise, innovative spirit and full-service capabilities to drive business transformation programs. Our industry insights and tested approach will help you to navigate the market complexities, across the capital markets value chain.  

Client Challenges

Capital market firms seek innovative solutions to stay in the race. Some of the key challenges they face include the following:

  • Stringent regulations
  • Global economic uncertainties
  • Fierce global competition
  • Thinning profit margins
  • Decreasing customer loyalty

What TCS Provides

Through our experience of serving many of the world’s leading financial institutions, we have incorporated the best-in-class practices in our Capital Markets Consulting offerings. Our expertise covers the following financial services markets:

  • Equities
  • Fixed income
  • Derivatives
  • Commodities
  • Energy Trading 

Our solutions focus on global market infrastructure utilities like exchanges, depository and clearing houses, as well as capital market intermediaries such as investment banks, broker dealers, wealth and asset management firms and custodians.

Our key service areas include the following:

Trading, Clearing and Settlement:

  • Trading Infrastructure:
    • Defining business / IT transformation roadmap for exchanges and trading infrastructure entities
    • Architecting trading business models
    • Post-trading, listing, membership, surveillance and information service
  • Clearing and Settlement:
    • Framework definition
    • Straight Through Processing (STP) assessment
    • Enablement for Central Security Depository (CSD), Central Counter Party (CCP), custodians, investment banks and broker dealers
  • Target2 Securities (T2S):

- T2S Business Transformation Strategy
- T2S Readiness Assessment
- T2S Target Operating Model

Brokerage and Investment Banking:

  • Sales and Trading:
    • Brokerage business services
    • Architecture definition
    • Front-to-back office STP assessment and rationalization
    • Business services framework 
  • Over-The-Counter (OTC) Derivatives:
    • Trade lifecycle automation for standardized and structured OTC products
    • Integration with CCP Clearing
    • Reconciliation management
    • Risk and margin management
  • Energy Trading:
    • Business services architecture definition
    • Trade lifecycle automation

Wealth Management:

  • Assessment of wealth and asset management business processes and IT systems
  • Benchmarking of practices, processes and business models for unified managed accounts
  • Standardization and harmonization of end-to-end business processes

Risk Management:

  • Market risk frameworks for various asset classes
  • Risk modeling and risk-evaluation of new products and service offerings
  • Stress testing, back-testing and risk-reporting model definition
  • CCP Risk Management modeling for various asset classes
  • Risk management for commodities and energy trading
  • Collateral management solutions

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Impact assessment of new regulatory directives such as MiFID II and the Dodd Frank Act on the business processes and systems of market participants, strategy and roadmap for adoption
  • Process improvement and automation in various compliance areas such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), market abuse, Chinese walls, control-room operations, cost basis reporting, eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) framework
  • Enterprise compliance framework assessment and implementation of enterprise-wide compliance program
  • Surveillance framework for monitoring potential violations by market participants

Business Value  

We partner with you to conceptualize, architect and deliver mission-critical solutions. Using our unparalleled know-how and deep industry insight, we develop solutions that will enable you to achieve the following:

  • High growth, with the adoption of dynamic business models to maintain your competitive edge
  • Accelerated transformation programs to integrate / consolidate platforms and functions and the successful launch of new business ventures
  • Improved processes, optimized costs and shortened turnaround times 

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