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Producing intelligent, high-performance and eco-friendly automobiles economically at a market-beating pace requires robust, high-performance processes and cutting-edge automotive engineering expertise. Our rich experience in the automotive industry complemented by our impeccable record of providing innovative engineering solutions makes us your best bet in the bargain to stay ahead of the competition.

Client Challenges

  • Conform to the highest safety standards and luxury inside automobiles
  • Build environmental sustainability and cope with the demand for green vehicles
  • Design fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Cater to the growing market of low-priced automobiles
  • Meet shorter time-to-markets
  • Tap into emerging economies and markets

What TCS Provides

Automotive Design and Value Engineering: Concept evaluation, detailed design, ergonomics benchmarking and vehicle studies, engine development program, value engineering, packaging activities and dimensional management, ladder diagrams, 3D routing and 2D schematics for electrical harness

Automotive Simulation Activities: CFD simulations (Power-train thermal, air flow simulations), structural simulations (NVH, durability, impact simulations and design sensitivity)

Automotive Electronics and Embedded Systems: Firmware development, application development, hardware development, reverse engineering, modeling and code-generation, HIL/MIL/SIL testing, MCD tools, verification services, advanced engineering and R&D in body controls, power train, chassis, diagnostics, infotainment and security

Automotive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions: CAD integration, configuration management, design collaboration, Engineering Change Management (ECM), enterprise integration, New Product Development & Introduction (NPDI), program management and supplier collaboration

Automotive Shop Floor Services: Plant Automation Systems, digital manufacturing and costing

Automotive Sourcing and Procurement Services: Sourcing advisory services, sourcing program management and “Art to Part” solutions

Engineering IT and KBE solutions: Design automation and productivity tools development

Aftermarket Services: Handheld diagnostic equipment, emission analyzers

Manufacturing Operations Transformation: TCS’ Manufacturing Operations Transformation (MOT) framework enables the standardization of platforms and processes, and drives vertical integration across the manufacturing lifecycle. Our framework helps initiate continuous enterprise-wide improvement programs, enable global rollouts at low cost and centralize support services to achieve plant-wise Manufacturing Operations Management benefits.

TCS Embedded Code Analyzer (TCS ECA): TCS Embedded Code Analyzer (TCS ECA) is designed to detect all occurrences of certain categories of errors early in the software development cycle and offer complete coverage-based testing, resulting in fewer product defects.

TCS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Integrate advanced automotive hardware and software to facilitate the implementation of collision avoidance technologies and driver aid features in vehicles.

TCS Design Services for Battery Management Systems: TCS’ Design Services for Battery Management Systems help manufacturers with end-to-end modeling, simulation, and development of battery driven EVs and HEVs.

TCS Powertrain Electronics, Control and Software Solutions: TCS’ Powertrain Electronics, Control, and Software (PT ECSW) Solutions leverage both conventional and model based design (MBD) workflows to facilitate rapid prototyping and development of high-quality ECU software.

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Business Value

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Increased focus on innovation and product development
  • Improved quality of processes
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Reduced lead time to production

Client Thoughts

“We have been working together since 2005, and TCS has consistently measured high on our expectations of quality; cost efficiency; flexibility; and process innovation for continuously raising the bar. TCS’ management commitment to the relationship and transparency with Nissan helped in ensuring ‘On Time Delivery’ of 98% and FTR of 96% within a very reasonable time. Nissan and TCS continuously collaborate to improve these performances. The certainty in managing this relationship is commendable and a step ahead of our needs.”
Nissan Motors, Atsushi Shizuta, Corporate Vice President

“TCS has won the Innovation Award for their zeal and proactive attitude, the excellent involvement in the activities of design and the contribution in the selection of IT technologies supporting innovation. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an outstanding example of technological leadership and a model of cultural integration and exchange.”
Scuderia Ferrari, Mario Almondo, Operations Director 

Visit the TCS - Ferrari page to know more about our relationship with Ferrari.


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Client Testimonials

TCS helps NEI reduce time to market for its new product development processes

In this video, Srini Dampur, VP R&D, National Engineering Industries Ltd, India, highlights how TCS’ global experience as a PLM implementation partner has helped reduce the time to market for its new product development processes.


Automotive Solutions

TCS offers the complete range of solutions in the automotive engineering space with an integrated services approach to cater to your business needs.

Client Testimonials

TCS uses technology services to drive innovation at Ferrari

Watch PierGiorgio Grossi, Head of IT Department, Scuderia Ferrari, Stefano Domenicali, Team Principal, Scuderia Ferrari and Dario Castello, CIO, Ferrari discuss TCS’ role in tuning Ferrari’s methodologies and tools to deploy a fast pace at a high level of certainty and design the fastest and the most beautiful car capable of winning every race and championship.