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The energy sector, which typically includes oil, gas and unconventional energy sources like solar, tidal and wind energy, is at the center of world’s attention due to its propensity to trigger and fuel industrial revolutions and bring in social, economic and political changes worldwide. TCS’ innovative engineering solutions for the energy sector will help you achieve high performance in a challenging environment.

Client Challenges

  • Cope with aging infrastructure and the scarcity of conventional energy resources
  • Manage the increasing costs and growing thrust on renewable energy resources
  • Effectively manage market expectations and pricing pressures
  • Improve asset management and risk management capability
  • Meet regulatory standards, especially for health, safety and environment

What TCS Provides

We offer services in complete plant and production process lifecycle, from detailed engineering for process plant design, procurement, project management services for plant setup to plant automation services, enterprise asset management, geo-spatial technology solutions and design of auxiliary systems and subsystems used in exploration and production.

Digital Oil Field Solution: It focuses on increasing ROI by adding new measurement points to existing data acquisition systems with an emphasis on real-time (versus periodic) data. TCS offers WITSML/PRODSML-based solutions for improving collaboration among geographically separated stakeholders.

Perfect Plant Solutions: They are used to integrate SCADA, machine data with ERP and BI solutions for effective control of the plants.

Geospatial Technology Solutions: A large pool of geoscientists develop and maintain exploration and production applications in geological, geophysical, drilling and completion, production optimization and reservoir management. We also provide technical support on exploration and production applications to the end users.

Product Engineering: It uses cutting-edge technologies like CFD analysis for providing engineering design and analysis of components, sub-systems and systems used in oil exploration and life prediction models for critical components.

Enterprise Asset Management: It increases asset reliability, asset utilization and service reliability, effective management and maintenance of enterprise assets and process optimization.

We help you define processes in line with the regulatory, health and safety guidelines.

We also provide services for product lifecycle management, embedded systems, electromechanical manufacturing services and sourcing manufacturing solutions.


  • Mobile GIS: TCS’ Mobile GIS solution provides seamless organization-wide spatial information on the field and in office, enabling accurate, real-time and informed decision-making.Mobile GIS solutions provide window to critical assets data and location information on the field, empowering the engineers to view, update and analyze the right GIS data at the right time and frees them from handling cumbersome paper maps and blueprints.
  • Petro Search: Learn about TCS’ Petro Search, a search and collaboration offering for enterprises in the E&P industry. Petro Search facilitates searching, viewing, and exchange of data in addition to knowledge management and collaboration.

Business Value

  • Enhanced value chain effectiveness
  • Improved product life and reduced downtime
  • Effective design data management for multiple reference and reuse
  • Low-cost country sourcing and manufacturing support
  • Lower operational costs due to effective asset management and risk management
  • Improved processes for health, safety and environment compliance


EIS Solutions for Energy sector

The increasing global consumption of energy, changing crude prices and strict environmental regulations demand new explorations, enhanced recovery of oil wells and more investment to improve operational efficiency. To help your enterprise thrive in the midst of these dynamic forces, TCS’ EIS Energy Solutions offer you assistance across the complete plant and production process lifecycle.

Case Studies

BPCL refinery at Kochi optimizes inspection management with TCS’ help

For refiners, asset performance is vital in the current market scenario. To gain efficiencies in the inspection process and reduce risk, BPCL decided to implement Meridium inspection management system and reliability-based inspection modules at its Kochi refinery. BPCL chose TCS as its implementation partner for this first-of-its-kind Meridium implementation in a refinery in India.

White Papers

Damage Mechanisms of Functionally Graded Thermal Barrier Coatings under Thermo Mechanical Cycle Loading

This paper considers the effect of loading cases for thermal barrier coatings and functionally graded thermal barrier coatings and the influence of loading cases on damage mechanisms.

White Papers

GIS-based Information Portal for Exploration and Production Enterprises

This paper highlights the evolution of GIS from time immemorial and the ease of using it as a model to depict business information on an interactive map. It presents a simplistic approach of introducing a common GIS layer for extracting information from a number of disparate systems that are already in place in exploration and production organizations and help them make better business decisions.