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High Tech


Robustness, reliability, precision and cost efficiency are important parameters for High Tech industries. TCS helps you achieve these objectives by delivering profit-impacting innovative engineering solutions that enable you to contain costs, develop new products, improve operating efficiencies and decrease time-to-market.

Client Challenges


  • Slow market growth and falling chip prices
  • Shortened time-to-market
  • Shrinking product lifecycles

Consumer Electronics

  • Shrinking product development lifecycles
  • Innovative designs and brands becoming main source of differentiation
  • High focus on user experience and convenience
  • Convergence of various technologies in a single product

Industrial Electronics

  • High reliance on technology
  • Need for continuous product innovation 
  • Increased demand for New Product Development and Launch (NPDL) activities

Office Automation

  • Shortened timelines for New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Low profit margins due to global competition
  • Constantly changing consumer needs and demands
  • Rapid changes in technology

What TCS Provides

  • Semiconductor: VLSI/FPGA design services, Verification and validation, IP integration, Platform and System Solution Services
  • Consumer Electronics: System level architecture, design and implementation, hardware design, development and testing, embedded software development (GUI/Application, Middleware and Platform), custom algorithm development, standards based IP cores, verification and validation, product development services for consumer products like Digital TV, Set-Top box, DVDR, hard disc recorder, Blu-ray players, AV receivers and Digital Video Recorder (DVR).
  • Industrial Electronics: End-to-end product development, hardware design, development and testing, embedded software development (GUI/application, middleware and platform), enclosure design, development and prototype, design re-engineering for low cost, low power features, ROHS, WEE compliance and UL, CE certifications, complete electro-mechanical product manufacturing services, TechPubs - user, and service and operator manuals.
  • Office Automation: Document management solutions, printer driver development, print servers, printer emulation, workflow solutions, publishing applications, image processing, print utilities, label applications, localization, network protocols and wireless interface, biometrics and security, OS porting and customization, and bitmaps/logos/fonts
  • SCOSTA-based operating system: TCS’ SCOSTA can help you to deploy smart card technology for various applications such as driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates, national identity cards, and electronic passports.
  • Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband TV (HbbTV) Receiver Solution: TCS’ Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband TV (HbbTV) Receiver Solution enables TVs and set-top boxes to access new interactive broadcast services including catch-up TV, Video on Demand (VoD), interactive advertising, personalized Electronic Program Guides (EPG), and social networking.
  • Wireless Connectivity Solution for Bluetooth Low Energy: TCS’ Wireless Connectivity Solution offers a readily available Bluetooth Smart Ready protocol stack and differentiated applications that enable manufacturers and developers to broaden their product portfolios quickly.

Business Value

  • Shortened new product development time
  • Realization of product strategy
  • Increased profitability and market share of client products
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Compliance to regulatory bodies

Client Thoughts

TCS’ deliveries are on schedule and comply with our business requirements. It has been a one-stop shop for various services – new product development (engineering), infrastructure (production hosting), vendor management (technical publications, production communication set-up, etc), product branding and benchmarking, knowledge management, etc.

TCS’ service and proactive team leaders exceeded our expectations and provided additional value compared to other service providers we work with. TCS showed full commitment to our business, including its senior management involvement as and when required, and made extensive efforts to meet RISCO’s strategic business goals.
- RISCO Group, Eli Brin, Head of Technical Product Management, Cloud Services


Intel, Microsoft, Qualcore Logic

Client Testimonials

TCS’ Excellent Quality and Delivery Capabilities help Toshiba meet Demanding Deadlines

In this video, Hidehito Koka, Managing Director, Toshiba Software, India, highlights how TCS’ excellence in quality and delivery have been instrumental in Toshiba meeting its demanding deadlines during the product development process of the Toshiba Smart Card.

TCS in the News

TCS and Texas Instruments paving the way for a safer better future

Press release by Texas Instruments announces new vision software development kit and features quote by Regu Ayyaswamy, VP & Global Head, Engineering & Industrial Services.


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