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TCS’ product engineering services for telecom equipment vendors and operators include solutions for new product development, product deployment, maintenance and support services. We help you achieve cost efficiencies throughout your product life cycle with our product re-engineering solutions.

Client Challenges

  • Convergence of technologies - devices driving innovation in product and services development
  • Fast-growing broadband user applications replacing traditional voice-based applications and requiring shorter time-to-market and product platforms to move from legacy to open systems
  • Consolidation in the Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEM) space
  • Diversification of equipment vendors into the services business
  • Globalization of product development, manufacturing and maintenance

What TCS Provides

The key solutions for the Equipment Vendor segment include the following:

  • End-to-end product development services (hardware, software, platform, protocols, middleware and GUI/application)
  • VLSI/FPGA Design Services
  • Complete electro-mechanical product manufacturing services
  • Design Re-engineering Services for low-cost, low-power features
  • ROHS, WEE compliance and UL, CE Certification Services
  • Technical Publication Services: User, service and operation manuals
  • Design, implementation, deployment and support of PLM Systems
  • Manufacturing and sourcing process support services

The key solutions for the Telecom Operator space include the following:

  • Design,implementation, deployment and support of GIS Systems
  • GIS data migration services
  • Test solutions for operators
  • Asset management solutions
  • LTE eNode-B Small Cells Solution: Learn about TCS’ 3GPP Release-9 compliant critical software components of eNodeB small cell products.
  • 3GPP Long Term Evolution Physical Layer: Learn about TCS’ LTE Layer 1 reusable components, which can be used for the development and validation of eNB and UE respectively.
  • LTE eNB Protocol Stack: Learn about TCS’ platform-independent LTE eNodeB Base Station, which consists of Layer2 (MAC, RLC and PDCP), and Layer3 (RRC) Protocol stack solutions.

Business Value

  • Shorter new product development time
  • Improved product strategy
  • Enhanced market share of client products
  • Continuous improvement in operational efficiency
  • Foresight to address global needs


Engineering Solutions for Telecom

With the need to meet compliance standards and reduced time-to-market, telecom companies face huge challenges. Learn how TCS’ Engineering Solutions for the telecom industry can help you meet them.

White Papers

WiMAX Base Station Scheduling Algorithms

This WiMAX white paper discusses the scheduling algorithms for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access/Time Division Multiple Access (OFDMA/TDMA) based systems, which extends the PF scheme to multiple service types with diverse QoS requirements.


Telecom Embedded Solutions

Learn how TCS’ telecom embedded solutions help telecom product companies to meet business objectives by leveraging TCS’ strong domain expertise, IP portfolio and solution accelerators.

White Papers

Verification Tools for Wireless Broadband Systems

This white paper discusses two effective approaches that can accelerate the verification process of physical layer and higher layers respectively of the protocol stack in a Wireless Broadband Systems like LTE.