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The transportation industry is transforming due to the rising global demands. The rail industry has seen an increased focus in recent times on rail infrastructure, rail control systems and services, while the global shipbuilding industry has seen a steep rise in new ship orders due to global procurement and transportation.

TCS’ engineering solutions for the rail and marine industry, with an emphasis on effective supply chain management production planning and lean shop floor solutions, can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Client Challenges

Rail Industry

  • Enhancing capacity to cope with the projected growth
  • Building more reliable networks and signaling
  • Providing a safe, reliable and efficient railway and enhancing track prediction
  • Sustaining as a more efficient network

Shipbuilding Industry

  • Building unique and labor-intensive products that require fixed production location
  • Coping with integrated design and shipbuilding project management
  • Managing the challenges associated with concurrent designing and construction
  • Enhancing productivity with the proper management of skilled resources, energy and material needs, and project lead time

What TCS Provides

Rail Industry:

  • Locomotive Engineering: Engine and systems, cooling and auxiliary systems, platform and truck, car and car body
  • Infrastructure: Asset Management Solutions for rail infrastructure (Asset repository within EAM system fully integrated with ERP and GIS), safety critical systems, track life predictability and track side devices, SCADA – Monitoring and control of traction energy
  • Train Control Systems: Control center, onboard systems, traction control simulators and modeling
  • Enabling Services: Application development/deployment and sustenance expertise, embedded engineering and Controller Development Expertise, GUI/HMI developments, decision support systems and knowledge management expertise

Shipbuilding Industry:

  • Out Fitting: Piping layout and 3D modeling, piping stress analysis, routing of electrical cableways, general arrangement drawing of equipment and layout, HVAC and auxiliary systems
  • Hull and Structure: Modeling and detailing of hull and structures, structural design and analysis, plate nesting, NC postprocessor and cutting
  • Product Data Integration: Strategizing requirement, fit and gap analysis, data conversion and migration strategy and implementation, PLM solution definition, change management processes, proof of concept and piloting, BOM restructuring and implementation, data modeling, system design and development, interfacing architecture with enterprise applications

Business Value

  • Reduction in engineering cycle time and manufacturing costs
  • Reduction in “time-to-build” up to 20%
  • Speedier ship design and manufacturing services
  • Compliance to industry standards


Industrial Machinery

The increased demand for global infrastructure, manufacturing, material handling, transportation and focus on rural agriculture have raised the requirement for industrial machinery and heavy engineering. At TCS, our services across the Industrial Machinery industry lifecycle help you effectively respond to the industry challenges.

White Papers

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The main objective of this paper is to highlight the evolving change in customers’ perspective on engineering outsourcing and narrate the story of how TCS responded to this change and became successful. The paper also highlights a couple of projects as examples.

White Papers

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Case Studies

EMD entrusts its ERP and Engineering Support Functions to TCS

EMD relies upon TCS to support its ERP applications and engineering and infrastructure support services and related IT processes. Our industry experience and knowledge base has contributed to continuous improvement initiatives in our engagements with EMD.