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Utility industry players face challenges collectively triggered by progressing cross border investments, privatization and growing environmental considerations. TCS’ innovative engineering solutions for water, power and gas sectors can help meet the challenges while sustaining growth in mature markets through performance improvement and innovation.

Client Challenges

  • Meet rising consumptions by building infrastructure and procuring energy commodities
  • Adopt energy efficient technologies and cope with high energy costs
  • Push for wider adoption of alternate energy sources for communications and control technologies
  • Adhere to regulatory norms in an uncertain business environment

What TCS Provides

Geospatial Technologies (GST): These reduce maintenance costs, optimize assets, monitor environmental impacts, automate processes, streamline work procedures, integrate business systems and enable regulatory reporting through dashboards.

Control System Integration (CSI): This involves upgrading water, waste-water treatment and power plants in terms of hardware, software and process areas. It covers the design, development and implementation of control systems to cater to the redefined process requirements as mandated by environmental regulations.

Advanced Process Control (APC): It optimizes water and waste water/sludge treatment process by reducing the total cost of operation while improving operational efficiency and meeting quality norms. 

Real-Time Systems (RTS): These are used for developing data acquisition, real-time control and monitoring products and solutions for automating plant operations.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM): This improves the operational and IT asset management. We provide services like business process analysis, solution mapping, product configuration, product customization, system integration with legacy systems, data conversion, testing, go-live and post implementation support in the EAM space.

Life-Cycle Investment Planning (L-CIP): TCS’ innovative solution L-CIP includes Universal Prioritization System (UPS) to allow all kinds of projects to compete for capital on a level-playing field and eventually pick the optimal combination that delivers the maximum benefits to the business, customers and the environment. 

We also provide services in product engineering, plant design engineering, product lifecycle management, embedded systems, electromechanical manufacturing services and sourcing manufacturing solutions.

Mobile GIS: TCS’ Mobile GIS solution provides seamless organization-wide spatial information on the field and in office, enabling accurate, real-time and informed decision-making. Mobile GIS solutions provide a window to critical assets data and location information on the field, empowering the engineers to view, update and analyze the right GIS data at the right time and frees them from handling cumbersome paper maps and blueprints.

TCS’ Intelligent Asset Synchronization Manager: A platform-agnostic framework, TCS’ Intelligent Asset Synchronization Manager (IASM) provides asset data synchronization and business process orchestration between operational and enterprise applications.

TCS Pump System Performance Monitor: TCS' Pump System Performance Monitor (PSPM) is a framework that provides timely measurement of key pump parameters and the KPIs, without the need for significant infrastructure investment.

Business Value

  • Improved operational efficiency in terms of processes and operational cost
  • Minimized energy and resource consumption
  • Optimized asset management by aligning operational and tactical tasks with strategic vision
  • Higher availability and reliability of assets for production
  • Improved regulatory compliance

Client Thoughts

“TCS offered a wealth of technical experience at a price that other vendors just couldn’t match. By reducing the number of applications and improving integration between them, TCS is not only helping us work more effectively, but also providing a flexible platform for future development.”
-Scotia Gas Networks, Gerard Hynes, Program Director

“The TCS staff has worked extremely hard to develop and deliver AMS and MUGS. The Project Managers always demonstrated great patience with me when I asked them to change the plan or meet yet another challenging deadline! The quality of their delivery has been demonstrated by the very low number of defects when AMS and MUGS went live in February 2006. It has been a pleasure to work with a group of such enthusiastic IT professionals both onshore and offshore.”
-United Utilities, Angela Sadler, Connect Program, UK


2014 GE Digital Energy: International Software Summit

TCS is a Gold Sponsor at the 2014 GE Digital Energy International Software Summit where Vijay Kumar, TCS, will be presenting a track session on ‘ROI from GIS Implementation’

Case Studies

TCS helps United Utilities transform its asset management capabilities

TCS has been working with United Utilities since July 2002 on AMP3, which was the precursor to AX4. The framework involves working on the majority of United Utilities’ 600 water and waste-water treatment works under tight deadlines and monitoring against stiff regulatory requirements.

Case Studies

Thames Water improves service and manages risk with TCS’ industry-leading GIS Asset Management

Working with TCS, Thames Water was able to design, develop and deploy an industry-leading solution within just 10 months, thus delivering better value to its customers.

Case Studies

TCS delivers integrated Front Office Solution for Scotia Gas Networks

Learn how TCS designed, developed and delivered a robust, safe solution that improved business processes, led to better integration between applications, and increased efficiency and operational savings for Scotia Gas Networks.