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Enterprise Content Management



Take control of your enterprise ecosystem of knowledge and information assets through our comprehensive, integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

TCS Offerings | Business Value

Many companies are faced with an explosion of data across the enterprise, while at the same time, increasing government regulations require them to store their data for long time periods. Overflowing volume of structured and unstructured information across disparate locations, websites and media is making it difficult and time-consuming for enterprises to categorize and retrieve specific records on-demand. As unstructured data proliferates and data safety and governance gain importance, the high costs and efforts in locating specific records warrant more attention. Additionally, turnover among key personnel often results in loss of intellectual properties and know-how.

TCS Offerings

TCS’ ECM services provide comprehensive and integrated solutions to meet these growing challenges. Our ECM services provide a centralized approach to create, capture, organize and access and assess your organization’s entire enterprise ecosystem of knowledge assets, media and electronic documents. We provide ECM advisory, design, implementation and maintenance services, which we continually refine through our ECM Center of Excellence. Our ECM solutions include: 

  • TCS Document as a Service: TCS' Document as a Service (DaaS) is a transformational
    initiative that delivers centralized, commoditized document management services
    across the enterprise. It provides end-to-end services to deploy, migrate and manage
    the entire document management portfolio in a managed services model that supports
    need based consumption and billing.
  • Document Management: Establish automated policies to manage, archive and terminate records throughout each record’s life cycle.
  • Web Content Management (WCM): Implement WCM solutions, digital asset management (DAM), mobility solutions, social media integration, web analytics and search integration across various technologies.
  • Imaging: Get control over your paper documents by converting them to digital images that you can store, access and manage electronically, utilizing EMC Captiva, Kofax and IBM Datacap.
  • ECM Content Migration Framework: Ensure a smooth and efficient data migration from an existing content management system to a new one using our Content Migration Framework.
  • Enterprise Content Management EMC: Learn how TCS’ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services provide you with complete control of your enterprise knowledge and information through unique and highly effective methodologies.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Solution: Learn how TCS can help successfully adopt effective SharePoint solutions. 
  • Enterprise Content Management Open Text: Learn how TCS can help manage and provide true value from the business content by connecting it with teams and processes within the enterprise.
  • Strategy Implementation Governance Model for Acquisition, Retention and Growth (SIGMARG™): Our powerful TCS ECM methods assess and facilitate the three modules—strategy, implementation and governance—of all of our solutions.
  • The TCS Knowledge Management Maturity Model (5iKM3™): Assesses organizational content maturity during its entire lifecycle. 
  • TCS xCOS™ - Accelerated Customer On-Boarding Solution: This comprehensive solution is designed to help companies in the banking & financial services (BFS) and insurance sectors consolidate and transform their new account opening process across the organization.
  • TCS’ IBM®ECM® Services: IBM ECM® solution can be customized to implement specific requirements. While mapping your ECM needs, we work towards an information-centric architecture that addresses emerging requirements for advanced content management capabilities. We also deploy and support our solutions with proven methodologies and framework such as SOLAR, SIGMARG©, 5iKM3 and SOLACE©.
  • Oracle Enterprise Content Management: Take control of your enterprise ecosystem of knowledge and information assets through our comprehensive, integrated ECM solutions. TCS helps makes sense of structured and unstructured data and brings order across enterprises saving time and intellectual properties while increasing efficiencies.

Business Value

TCS offers transformative ECM solutions for all challenges related to content management, including document management, digital asset management, records management, web content management and enterprise content integration. Our ECM services will:

  • Provide business users ready access to the knowledge resources and services they require to do their jobs effectively, make better decisions and be more competitive. 
  • Optimize the value of your organization’s collective knowledge at a reduced total cost at every point in the information asset lifecycle.
  • Secure and protect your files, data and information and cost-effectively comply with increasing regulations.