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Integrated IT-as-a-Service for SMBs


The IT-as-a Service business model of iON, a cloud-based ERP

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 solution was conceptualized by TCS through close interactions with Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) across relevant stakeholders, developing a deep understanding of their ICT consumption pattern and business challenges.

An innovative service model, iON uses emerging technologies like cloud computing and virtualization to create a holistic, fit-for-purpose solution stack for SMBs integrating hardware, network, software and services. And all of this is backed by business, technical and consulting services by iON.

The iON Cloud ERP Solution is highly modular, scalable and configurable giving SMBs the benefits of increased efficiencies, faster go-to-market, predictability of technology as well as spend, IT talent on call and better business results.   

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What iON Provides

  • The iON Cloud ERP Solution StackLayer 1: iON provides all the necessary on-premise hardware needed to run the enterprise. This includes desktops, laptops, printers, hand-held devices, etc. that customers use to connect to and access the solutions that iON provides. iON also facilitates procurement of additional hardware through its Procurement Facilitation Services.
  • Layer 2: iON provisions the network equipment and bandwidth to connect to the iON applications hosted in a data center. Based on the bandwidth required, we provision the necessary network connections in partnership with our network providers.
  • Layer 3: iON delivers all the office solutions relevant for SMBs. These include solutions such as document management, email, collaboration suite and other office software.
  • Layer 4: iON addresses the solution needs at a business level. This includes Finance & Accounting (F&A), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management (HRMS), Payroll, Procurement & Inventory (P&I) and Smart Identity Management Solution (SIMS). Until Layer 4, all our solutions are predominantly vertical or domain agnostic.
  • Layer 5: iON addresses core industry vertical solution needs through a comprehensive ERP. For instance, in the case of the manufacturing vertical, the solutions will include material, sales, stock, production, etc.; while in the case of retail, it is Point of Sales, warehouse, store inventory, webstore, etc. These applications help customers to drive their core business processes in their organizations.
  • Layer 6: iON addresses niche vertical application requirements including detailed business analytics.

    * L1 & L2 can be facilitated through iON Procurement Facilitation Services (PFS) 

Add-On solutions

iON offers a set of Add-On solutions to further integrate and enhance your business processes.

  • iON Smart Identity Management Solution (SIMS)  functions as a unified security source for the entire organization by integrating user identity management across all applications
  • Reward-Recognition is for employee recognition and motivation
  • Professional Virtual Community is a collaboration and exchange platform
  • Webstore facilitates an online store for purchase and sale of product 

   Learn more about these platforms. 

Customer Thoughts

iON solutions are very user friendly. Our workforce started using the software very quickly. Once the features are explained, it is so easy that our staff could start using the software within two days’ time. It is the nervous system for our company as the entire data and all processes flow through it. Information is available in real-time helping in quick & informed decision-making. We are very happy with the kind of support TCS iON has provided us.

Rahul Sapre, Managing Director, Impression Systems Industries

The 3 step quality management process covering material receipt in factory, WIP quality and pre-dispatch better handled by iON...we have more control due to which inventory levels have gone down, sales invoice accuracy has increased and quality checks are on time every time...inventory levels in last 6 months have gone down by around 20%, efficiency in executing projects has increased to almost 100%.

Amit Sahasrabudhe, Managing Director, Marcuras Water Treatment (India) Pvt. Ltd.

iON has established strong credentials for fool-proof delivery of ICT Services. We chose iON Education Solution consisting of 30 modules covering university processes including admission, fee collection, teaching learning processes, finance and accounts, purchase and inventory, human resource management system, payroll management, transport, hostel, library and other allied activities. iON is based upon cloud computing and is a fully secured application and hence, having high reliability. Implementation of iON has enriched the reach of data and subsequent analysis efficiently across all modules.

Victor Gambhir, Pro Vice Chancellor, Manav Rachna International University

iON is adaptable to requirements, its cost effective and very strong where processes are concerned. From the time the student enters the campus to completing the admission process, the time has been reduced to just 27 minutes from 3-4 hours.

Vikas Daryal, Professor & Director, Seth Jai Parkarsh Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering & Technology (JMIT)

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White Papers

Auto-piloting IT in the Auto-component Sector

How processes can be adopted at the turn of a tap and steer your business efficiency.

White Papers

The Next Generation University is here

The digital wave is making every aspect of our lifestyle smarter-whether it is - homes, appliances, cars and now classrooms in education. With the blurring of campus boundaries, what are emerging today are smarter classrooms where the key words are connection, collaboration and sharing between people and machines across borders. The paper, "The Next Generation University is here", explores how the classrooms of tomorrow would look like. From the use of social media to virtual reality classrooms, technology is all set to change and revolutionize the current education system.

Case Studies

Impression System Industries - Casting tighter processes

A prominent manufacturer and supplier of clutch parts, started motor parts, CNC machine components, Impression Systems Industries required an integrated manufacturing ERP system to streamline both manufacturing and finance and accounting modules in order to have a single view of inventory, operations and accounts.

Case Studies

Manavrachna - Unified Campus Management solution accessible anytime anywhere

MRVPL had to screen thousands of applications in a few days across various locations at different timings. To ensure good quality screening it required a unified admission process, irrespective of location and time.