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Open Source Platform Services


Tap the benefits of open source and leverage it to improve operational excellence, accelerate product development, and reduce costs with TCS' Open Source Platform Services.

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Globally, organizations are increasingly adopting open source technology to address their IT requirements, eliminating high licensing costs, product dependencies and vendor lock-ins. Universally accessible, collaboratively developed and supported by a strong network of independent developers, open source has gained significant ground. Open source technologies improve IT application adaptability and flexibility, thus cutting operational costs.

The TCS Advantage

TCS has gained immense expertise in open source development from working with several clients across domains. We build on this experience and offer further value to an engagement through:  

  • In-house expertise: Our domain and technology experience combined with a structured delivery process, superior project mentoring, and risk assessment capabilities ensure an unmatched service experience
  • Best practices: Our dedicated open source center of excellence (CoE), investment in research and development, joint product development initiatives, and other assets enrich yourimplementation with proven best practices
  • People focus: Our services are backed by consultants with in depth experience in competency assessment, planning, and building an open source practice
  • Strong partnership: Our long-standing partnerships with leading industry vendors deliver combined expertise to each engagement

Services we offer

TCS' Open Source Platform services are designed to deliver optimum open source adoption, tailored to your business environment.

  • Advice on open source adoption, building a roadmap, evaluating and choosing technology, and architecture support. We conduct open source maturity assessments and evaluate readiness levels, and help with the establishing of an open source Center of Excellence (CoE) and IP audits.
  • Build proofs of concepts, develop applications, and successfully migrate and port new technology. We also implement and roll out new solutions, integrate with other existing applications, and support capacity planning.
  • Sustain by offering all the necessary support services and product upgrades.

Our Open Source Platform services span key technology areas such as Collaboration, Content Management, Business Intelligence, Integration, Service Oriented Architecture, Business Process Management, Enterprise Service Bus, and Linux among others.

Solution Benefits

Our well-defined strategy and roadmap, and successful implementation of open source technology helps your organization:

  • Reduce software license costs and improve delivery efficiency and Return on Investments (ROI) with our framework based, interoperable solutions
  • Streamline your IT application portfolio by leveraging open source technologies.
  • Eliminate product dependencies and vendor lock-ins
  • Achieve competitive advantage with our open source platform services - a combination of our products and service expertise and alliance with market leaders
  • Realize business benefits early on by accelerating open source adoption with our best practices, risk-free delivery, and optimized and seamless solution implementations.

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Case Studies

A Leading Credit Rating and Research Agency enhances data collection with an automation solution

TCS developed an automatic solution for a leading credit rating and research agency to manage large data volumes from disparate sources, improving efficiency and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Case Studies

A leading telecom service provider reduces infrastructure costs by 50% by migrating to open source middleware

TCS implemented the RedHat JBoss for a leading telecom service provider as they wanted to transition their application to reduce downtime,increase availability and efficiency in operations.This implementation helped the company in rapid application development.