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Application Re-engineering


Harvest your unique business processes into strategic technologies with TCS’ Application Re-engineering Services.

The TCS Advantage

  • TCS’ experience of large re-engineering engagements over 20+ years
  • Expertise in modern technology ecosystem
  • Use of automation across various stages of re-engineering such as data collection, reverse engineering, forward engineering, etc.
  • Proven tools for reverse engineering, database migration and data migration

Services we offer

We, at TCS, provide application re-engineering services to achieve the following:

  • Re-use investments in legacy applications
  • Understand the pain points in legacy applications
  • Perform source application portfolio analysis / reverse engineering to create use cases for target application
  • Forward engineer or build in target technologies using the latest application development products and tools

To summarize, TCS’ Application Re-engineering is a mature and proven modernization option to avoid costly package implementations or complete application re-writes.

Solution Benefits

  • Avoid package implementation, which requires significant business process changes
  • Retain intellectual investments in legacy application to leverage proven and unique business processes
  • Improve time-to-market for new channels, products, services and compliance changes, with modern technologies
  • Spend more on strategic initiatives with a modernized portfolio
  • Mitigate risk by exiting from non-strategic and unsupported legacy technologies

Case Studies

TCS helps a leading American broadcaster develop a new ad sales trafficking system

Learn how TCS helped a leading American broadcaster replace its legacy system with a custom object oriented system to support the complex process of ad selling, planning, scheduling, order management and distribution, and address compliance requirements.

White Papers

Reengineering Legacy Application with Modified Rational Unified Process

This white paper discusses how iterative development enables process improvement and maturity and continuous integration helps identify integration issues in the context of an Onsite-Offshore model with ISO and CMM quality processes.