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HPC Design & Build Services


Stay competitive and achieve breakthroughs in business innovation with TCS’ customized high performance computing (HPC) platforms.

The TCS Advantage

  • Domain-driven approach – We have a vendor and technology agnostic approach that focuses on the problems to be solved by the HPC platform. Our core HPC team works closely with domain experts to design the platform based on business requirements
  • Breadth of expertise – We are a one-stop shop and have skills across the HPC spectrum (including niche areas like parallel programming and hardware acceleration)  
  • Technology partnerships with leading OEMs such as Intel and nVIDIA

Solutions We Offer

We enable business innovation for customers by designing and commissioning customized HPC platforms.

Customers typically face challenges on three fronts – expertise, manageability and cost.

We address these three challenges by designing and building private HPC platforms that are optimized for business requirements. 

We closely work with our customers and assist them throughout their HPC lifecycle. Our cross-disciplinary team of HPC experts not only helps customers make informed choices in niche areas, but also helps in the implementation of these choices. We simplify HPC for all the departments in the customer’s organization and address the "Expertise Challenge".

We enable our customers to manage the "Cost Challenge", by delivering superior returns on investments. Not only do we ensure that the HPC platform pays for itself by solving the business problems it was designed for but also streamline costs by adopting best practices. 

We understand the "Manageability Challenge", that customers need to focus on business and not on enabling technologies such as HPC. We have over 1000 man-years of experience in HPC. Our experts customize HPC and help customers improve their productivity. 


  • A competitive edge in the market place
      • By understanding trends and customer expectations better and faster
      • By designing more relevant products and accelerating product development
  • Novel insights into problems
      • By constructing more complex models
      • By executing existing models for higher accuracy
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership
      • By solving business problems faster and with more precision
      • By increasing user / application productivity
  • Regulatory compliance
      • By modeling risk (technical and financial) effectively


HPC parallelization & optimization

Re-engineer and optimize your application performance with TCS’ HPC parallelization and optimization services.


HPC Managed Services

Focus on innovation and staying competitive while we ensure optimal returns from your HPC setup.