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HPC Managed Services


Focus on innovation and staying competitive while we ensure optimal returns from your HPC setup.    

The TCS Advantage

  • Domain-driven approach: Our breadth of experience spans  industries like automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, high-tech, financial services and retail. This enables us to understand and optimize the HPC cluster throughput and address issues more efficiently.
  • Mature delivery capability: All the services are backed by SLA driven delivery capabilities that have been matured over years and have consistently been ranked among the best in class. TCS’ team has extensive experience in ITIL based process implementation and ISO 27001 certified Information Security environment management.
  • Flexible environment with customizable tools: Our in-house Cluster Management Suite (CMS) provides workload management, resource management and unified cluster provisioning for both Linux and Windows environments. This also includes a Green Data Centre (GDC) tool that optimizes power management, while its job management portal provides an intuitive graphic user interface for job submission, progress monitoring and resource analysis.

Solutions We Offer

HPC productivity is dependent on the correct definition of problems, construction of suitable computational models, selection of appropriate applications and design, implementation and management of an optimal HPC platform. 

TCS’ Managed Services achieves high levels of HPC productivity by optimizing the entire HPC spectrum –

  • Management of file systems including parallel files systems such as Lustre, Gluster and GPFS
  • Storage management
  • High speed interconnect management such as Infiniband and 10 Gbps Ethernet
  • Cluster management including hybrid systems based on GPGPUs, MIC processors
  • HPC middleware management such as PBS pro, LSF, CMU, Moab
  • Operating system management
  • Cluster refresh, scale-up, scale-down
  • Coordination with vendors for system upkeep
  • HPC support help desk

We offer flexible models whereby services can be customized as per the requirement.


  • Improved throughput
      • By tuning the cluster in line with the problem characteristics
      • By improving fault diagnosis and response based on extensive improvement
  • Improved user experience and security
      • By implementing ITIL driven processes and ISO/IEC 27001 based information security management system
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership
      • By providing a flexible environment based on customizable tools
      • By increasing user / application productivity


HPC Design & Build Services

Stay competitive and achieve breakthroughs in business innovation with TCS’ customized high performance computing (HPC) platforms.


Parallelization & Optimization Services

Re-engineer and optimize your application performance with TCS’ HPC parallelization and optimization services.