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Workload And Batch Automation


Enterprises have traditionally deployed multiple job schedulers to control batch jobs on the numerous platforms in the IT environment. For enterprises with heterogeneous platforms, geographically distributed systems, or multiple toolsets, this proves inefficient and expensive. Organizations are, therefore, increasingly consolidating job schedulers across platforms and environments, and considering using 'batch as a service'.

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The TCS Advantage

  • Deep domain expertise drawn from years of experience in deploying tools for consolidation and migration of job schedulers across products
  • Proven, delivery-driven methodology and approach that have consistently resulted in feasible, economically viable solutions for our clients
  • Strong process orientation, and our focus on best practices that ensure we adhere to the most stringent SLAs
  • Alliances with vendors of job scheduler and workload automation products such as IBM, BMC, CA and others
  • Lab facilities for batch and workload automation, for conducting proof of concept exercises during consolidation, automation and migration of schedulers

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Solutions We Offer

  •   TCS’s Batch and Workload Automation Services address the challenges of support and maintenance of heterogeneous systems with a comprehensive suite of solutions for workload automation
  • Our job monitoring offerings helps manage batch streams and monitor critical paths
  • In addition to job scheduling, we support scheduler installation, administration and optimization
  • Our services enable you to consolidate job schedulers with modules for the monitoring, scheduling, and administration of disparate systems

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Solution Benefits

Our Batch and Workload Automation services enable you to:

  • Reduce costs:
    • Eliminate the need for additional manpower, required to deliver support to different time zones.
    • Consolidate job schedulers to reduce licensing and maintenance overheads.
    • Achieve cost-effective, integrated operations by optimizing batch operations
  •  Improve operational agility:
    • Address unexpected changes and fluctuations in batch volumes as a result of system changes caused by mobility solutions and technology changes.
    • Benefit from our tiered service model and employ the required competency to support job monitoring, scheduling and administration
  •  Enhance productivity:
    • Drive higher productivity and lower IT support costs by automating the workload
    • Leverage a single point of control and integrated workloads across the platform to reduce the effort required to monitor independent job alerts
  • Optimize performance:
    • Ensure effective utilization of infrastructure resources, i.e. servers, storage and job scheduling, to realize high availability and reduce infrastructure consumption

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