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Database Infrastructure Services


TCS’ Database Infrastructure Services comprises of proactive monitoring, build, database administration, backup and recovery, performance optimization, high availability/ disaster recovery solution and security. We adopt a fact-based, systematic, and automated approach leading to stable, efficient and agile database systems and processes.

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The TCS Advantage

Partnering with us provides the following distinct advantages:

  • Extensive database services experience: We bring to the table over two decades of experience in providing end-to-end database administration services for customers across domains and geographies. We have developed in-depth capabilities and best practices to support multiple DBMS technologies on varied platforms including ERP databases.
  • Analyze IT framework: Our proprietary ‘Analyze IT’ toolkit conducts statistical analysis of data to help in identifying areas of performance improvement, capacity planning, automation, and also reduce alerts and incidents.
  • Strong SLA Management: By ensuring a strong alignment with database technology specific processes, standards and templates, we deliver the agreed upon services within specified SLAs.
  • Strategic alliances: Our partnership with leading database and tool vendors facilitates the development of end-to-end solutions and technical artifacts that help you achieve your business objectives and drive enterprise growth. Our unique relationship with vendors also gives us access to their wide spectrum of database products and tools to conduct proof of concepts, development, testing and demonstration early on in the cycle.

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Solutions We Offer

  •   Administration:
    • User/Schema Management
    • Configuration/Space Management
    • DB Refresh/Cloning
    • Migration/Upgrade
  • Build Services
    • Database Software Installation
    • Database Creation
    • Tools Configuration
    • PaaS/DBaaS
  • Performance Optimization
    • Instance/Database Tuning
    • Query Optimization
    • Sub-Systems Tuning
    • Trend Analysis
  • Security
    • Hardening & Separation of Duties
    • Auditing
    • Data Encryption & Masking
    • Patch Management
  • Optimize
    • Capacity Planning
    • Database Consolidation
    • Automation
    • Virtualization
  • High Availability/DR
    • Configure Cluster and Replication
    • Configure Standby/Mirroring
    • Disaster Recovery Setup/Drill
  • Backup & Recovery
    • Define Backup & Recovery Strategy
    • Backup Configuration &
    • Implementation
    • Backup Validation
  • Monitoring
    • Availability & Performance Monitoring
    • Backup/Space Monitoring
    • Scripted Health Checks

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By leveraging our Database Infrastructure Services, you can access 24/7 support for business transactions as well as processes.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced capital and operational expenditure: We help reduce capital expenditure by creating higher density of databases per server through multi-tenancy configurations, and deliver lower operational costs through automation and enhanced management productivity. You can leverage our services to optimize your database footprint, thereby reducing total cost of ownership and maximizing return on investment (ROI).
  • Enhanced efficiencies: You can eliminate data silos with our systematized data collection and analysis methods, consolidate databases and access shared resources. Our analytics-led approach streamlines database operations, improves efficiencies and productivity, as well as strengthens business processes. 
  • Improved flexibility and business value: Our services allow quick ramp up to match your dynamic business needs by drawing upon our readily available pool of certified database resources.

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