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IT IS Endpoint Lifecycle Management Platform


Enterprise requirements, for desktop engineering and endpoint management functions, continue to evolve rapidly. Amid growing workforce mobility, firms are seeking on-demand availability and infrastructure services customization. To enhance business agility, organizations need to provide employees with consistent access to relevant applications and data–regardless of the type and location of devices. This demands, a revamp of traditional endpoint management processes.

    TCS Endpoint Lifecycle Management Platform facilitates on-demand application packaging and testing, and helps automate the rollout of upgrades and security patches. Through effective design, build, deployment, and remote oversight of workspace, it helps companies reduce the total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure by 35 to 40 percent. TCS' platform also enables higher employee productivity through better utilization of computing resources

    TCS Solution:

    TCS' Endpoint Lifecycle Management Platform comprises:

    • Application services portfolio: Provide basic application maintenance services for regular business support and during migration and transformation projects.
    • Image engineering portfolio: Offers an advanced level of an image engineering process that can be leveraged for both ongoing platform management and future deployments.
    • Compliance service portfolio: Ensures that all endpoint devices have the latest versions of operating system, software applications, and antivirus packages installed; manages periodic updates and patches.
    • Device service portfolio: Enables single-window monitoring and management of endpoint devices spanning efficient design and planning, procurement and retirement support, and periodic endpoint device assessment services.

    TCS' platform helps companies reap the following benefits:

    • Lower TCO: Reduce costs related to IT infrastructure management by 50 to 75 percent; leverage TCS’ shared resources model to counter the need to recruit specialized IT engineering personnel, thereby decreasing the total cost of ownership even further.
    • Superior asset management: Ensure higher utilization of computing resources through provisioning of on-demand access to relevant applications and data for employees, thereby boosting workforce productivity.
    • Enhanced agility: Improve the agility and extensibility of your endpoint lifecycle by ensuring the desired levels of performance and reliability for key applications; lower the risk of asset downtime; and accelerate the deployment lifecycle by 30 to 40 percent.