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TCS MasterCraft


The TCS MasterCraft suite of products is a set of software automation tools that enable project delivery teams to optimize their services by - automating a given process or digitizing a task or decision support, thereby reducing manual efforts, saving costs and enhancing productivity.

With SLA-based support, standard pricing, licensing and legal policies, low Total Cost of Ownership, commendable ROI and industry best practices pre-codified, TCS MasterCraft renders customers with a seamless management of their people (roles), process and platforms.

Used extensively in over 300 projects in both client and TCS delivery environments, it represents our commitment to delivery optimization by enabling speed and quality of delivery.

TCS MasterCraft comprises 21 products grouped under three categories namely:

  • Development and QA Management: As industries move towards agile, enterprises need single platform for their application lifecycle management (ALM) for both agile and traditional projects, emphasizing traceability, automation, and collaboration.
    TCS MasterCraft products provide an end-to-end application lifecycle management, supporting software development, Quality Assurance (QA), performance testing and release management. Using automation, the solution reduces develop-to-deploy cycle time, thereby improving productivity and reducing TCO.
  • Enterprise Transformation Management: Any business’ inability to grow and change at needed pace is often attributed to legacy applications, impacting the speed and cost at which newer functionalities can be enabled.
    TCS MasterCraft products through a platform, enabling reverse and forward engineering for legacy applications, significantly increase the efficacy, while reducing the effort for support and maintenance, consolidation, migration or outsourcing them.
  • Data Quality and Privacy Management: Organizations worldwide are moving towards data quality management processes like data cleansing, validation, standardization and enrichment that reduce the impact of ’dirty data’ on its operations.
    TCS MasterCraft products guarantees both data privacy through the right-sized, high-utility, secure and efficient test environment and data quality by cleansing, standardizing, enriching and de-duplication, thereby assisting in data integration.


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