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TCS MasterCraft


The TCS MasterCraft suite of products is a set of software automation tools that enable project delivery teams to optimize their services by - automating a given process or digitizing a task or decision support, thereby reducing manual efforts, saving costs and enhancing productivity.

With SLA-based support, standard pricing, licensing and legal policies, low Total Cost of Ownership, commendable ROI and industry best practices pre-codified, TCS MasterCraft renders customers with a seamless management of their people (roles), process and platforms.

Used extensively in over 300 projects in both client and TCS delivery environments, it represents our commitment to delivery optimization by enabling speed and quality of delivery.

TCS MasterCraft comprises 29 products grouped under eight suites, spanning various software service lines such as development, deployment, support and maintenance, transformation, migration and reengineering:TCS MasterCraft

  • TCS MasterCraft Build Suite: An integrated set of products that provide end-to-end application lifecycle management capabilities, which support software development, quality assurance and release management processes for both traditional and agile software development lifecycles

  • TCS MasterCraft Sustain Suite: An integrated set of products to execute, manage and govern IT services comprising application maintenance and support, and infrastructure support

  • TCS MasterCraft Transform Suite: An integrated set of products and environment to help you prepare, analyze, reverse engineer and transform your applications and data from their current to the desired future state

  • TCS MasterCraft Performance Suite: An integrated set of products that provide end-to-end application performance management capabilities, thereby reducing production turnaround and troubleshooting times

  • TCS MasterCraft Test Data and Environment Management Suite: An integrated set of products that offer a well-coordinated processes to create and manage test data effectively, thereby securing the testing environment against data privacy violation

  • TCS MasterCraft Enterprise Data Management Suite: An integrated set of products / services that enable you to manage your data quality, metadata, architecture / models, security and master data with an effective governance mechanism

  • TCS MasterCraft AppMaker Suite: A set of products that enable platform-independent Model-driven Development (MDD) for prototyping and developing small-medium and enterprise applications

  • TCS MasterCraft Technology Suite: A stack of standalone products that address niche problems such as dynamic data masking, service governance management, user activity management, workflow management, collaboration management, and application analysis and intelligence


IT Simplification

July 1st 2014: Achieving IT Simplification need not be a tenuous task. Automation and digitization can contribute to a risk free and cost optimized way for simplification. A formalized approach and a proven toolset can accelerate your transformation journey, modernize your application portfolio and optimize your technology investments.


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October 1st 2014: In this article we explore how enterprises, through SIAM (Service Integration & Management) can leverage the benefits of outsourcing & collaboration, while maintaining the business-IT alignment.


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February 1st 2015: A TCS Quarterly Newsletter featuring Gartner research. We explore how data privacy and protection have become an indispensable part of any enterprise’s security portfolio.