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Application Performance Tester


Identify and diagnose the performance bottleneck in business-critical applications and manage performance requirements with the TCS MasterCraft Application Performance Tester.

The TCS MasterCraft Application Performance Tester is an end-to-end performance testing and verification framework that can generate real-life load, emulate the production network and manage performance requirement, thereby improving the performance of mission-critical web-based services, which helps reduce customer churn, lower the lost revenue opportunities and improve operational efficiency.

key features

  • Performance requirement management and association with business modules
  • Static and dynamic performance analysis
  • Integrated framework for TCS internal and third-party performance testing and verification tools (open source / commercial)
  • Simultaneous tools execution to get a holistic picture of the performance of an application
  • Production-like network emulation
  • Java application profiling: Response time, memory leak, thread metrics and JDBC data analysis
  • Network transaction analysis and multi-tier breakup
  • Network latency measurement
  • Business transaction analysis
  • Load / stress testing for web-based http applications
  • System resource monitoring when application is under load
  • Comprehensive SLA violation report as per business expectations

Key benefits

  • Increased revenue protection and risk mitigation, and lower costs when used in either pre-production or production environments
  • Increased business service availability and low mean time to problem resolution
  • Reduced cost of service delivery
  • Improved time-to-market
  • Digitization of end-to-end value chain
  • Process improvement, standardization and governance
  • Interoperability with leading commercial / open source tools
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics