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Java Profiler


Identify performance issues during the deployment of an application and manage application performance SLAs with the TCS MasterCraft Java Profiler.

The TCS MasterCraft Java Profiler assures the deployment of a high-performance, reliable and scalable application. It non-intrusively performs response time analysis, memory analysis, identifies the bottleneck in the Java code and captures thread-related metrics to do an in-depth analysis of the code performance.

key features

  • Byte code instrumentation engine that restricts the access of the source code
  • Advanced filtering mechanism to focus only on a desired set of Java methods / classes / packages
  • Remote JVM monitoring from a local machine
  • Real-time update of application performance
  • Response time analysis with sorting and filtering
  • Review comment recording after analysis of performance data
  • Memory bottlenecks and leaks detection
  • Performance analysis of SQL, which gets triggered from JDBC layer
  • Thread analysis and deadlock detection
  • Data comparison from multiple analysis sessions to find gradual improvement / degradation of performance due to a change in application
  • User-defined analysis by means of tagging

Key benefits

  • Increased revenue protection and risk mitigation, and lower costs when used in either pre-production or production environments
  • Increased business service availability and low mean time to problem resolution
  • Reduced cost of service delivery
  • Improved time-to-market
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Effective performance analysis, scalability analysis, reliability analysis and business analysis