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Data Privacy Suite


In today’s dynamic environment, testing needs to be agile, requiring continuous access to quality test data and the right set of processes and environment to perform accelerated testing.


The TCS MasterCraft Data Privacy Suite is an integrated set of products that offer well-coordinated processes to create and manage test data effectively and achieve a right-sized, secured and high-utility test environment.

The Data Privacy Suite helps you with the following:

  • Create a secured, right-sized and high-utility test environment
  • Standardize test data management process
  • Archive test data for reuse
  • Provide a reservation facility to avoid data overstepping in a shared environment
  • Allow the plug-in of COTS tools through an extendible framework

It has the following products:

  • Data Masker: A data masking product that ensures privacy of data while maintaining high data utility. Its intended use is by an organization trying to release or share sensitive data for external use without violating data privacy regulations
  • Dynamic Data Masker: Ensures data privacy and utility with a web-based application to help mask customer sensitive data on the screen in real-time

The Data Privacy Suite comes as part of the TCS MasterCraft portfolio, with a technology architecture founded on interoperability and integrability, lean resource consumption and customizability. TCS MasterCraft products have been used in over 300 client environments.