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Enterprise Data Manager


Develop and execute your enterprise data architectures, policies, practices and procedures to effectively manage the information lifecycle needs of your enterprise using the TCS MasterCraft Enterprise Data Manager.

The absence of enterprise-wide metadata management results in the organizational inability to reconcile data across multiple business units, poor information quality, long decision-making cycles, inefficiency and reduced profitability. The TCS MasterCraft Enterprise Data Manager provides you with a complete metadata management solution along with the flexibility to define the underlying governance models with the associated roles and goals, aiding organizations with assured data governance and consolidation.

Key Features

  • Data governance: Helps define your enterprise’s organization structure, create roles, and goals, and collaborate on them
  • Enterprise data dictionary: Helps create, define and view enterprise data rules
  • Data architecture blueprint: Provides complete metadata creation, mapping and viewing of the data flow diagrams, listing of enterprise orphan elements, etc.
  • Business glossary: Helps create and map data elements, providing complete enterprise data trail
  • EDM service registration: Provides service registry to configure existing enterprise data management tools
  • Reports: Provides metadata view, dependency and impact analysis, and a governance dashboard

Key Benefits

  • Helps define and operationalize the data governance structure for an enterprise
  • Provides guided metadata linkages to establish an enterprise blueprint
  • Has the ability to view metadata lineage and track the data trail within the organization
  • Provides an intuitive impact analysis
  • Has the ability to automate the exchange of metadata from data management tools
  • Supports a reporting environment to create “on-demand” reports and dashboards