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Enterprise AppsMaker


Build and develop software applications through a model-driven, component-based and repository-driven development process using the TCS MasterCraft Enterprise AppsMaker.

The TCS MasterCraft Enterprise AppsMaker provides an integrated, object-oriented product that supports a model-driven development (MDD) process, thereby resulting in reduced development efforts and time, platform independence along with cost benefits and better quality of software.

Key features

  • UML-based component modeler and repository that provides a set of reusable assets, which can be modified and reused to save development time and effort
  • Modeling tools, which allow the designer to keep the logical application independent of the underlying technology: The server-side code (like C++, Java) is portable across standard platforms such as Windows, UNIX, AIX and IBM mainframes
  • Code generators that provide a facility to generate Java code from models ensuring consistency across the application and adherence to coding standards: The code also generates the class skeleton and other database management layer methods based on the object properties
  • CRUD generator, which generates end-to-end application including GUI, services, database layer for a class / database table
  • GUI modeler, which provides features such as visual screen and screen-flow designer, drag-drop service and data binding editor, auto layout using grids and quick screen design using templates for web and mobile applications
  • Testing framework, which facilitates unit testing for generated GUI screen and services creating test data templates and test drivers, thereby significantly speeding up the test phase

key benefits

The TCS MasterCraft Enterprise AppsMaker supports the entire SDLC for easy management and reduced application development time and efforts. Different stakeholders benefit from the solution, and these include the following:

  • End-users of the developed software application benefit from an application that suits business needs and processes. The product allows for better performance and enhanced usability through a better user interface.
  • Business managers profit from reduced costs and time-to-market. The solution also leverages technology to provide a competitive edge.
  • IT managers gain from a solution that keeps pace with technology and enables high productivity and quality.
  • Architects gain from a high-quality solution that is scalable, flexible and extensible. The product can be integrated with existing applications, is easily adaptable, can be configured to specific needs, has reusable components, manages technology change and ensures security.
  • Developers gain from increased productivity, quality and testability. The product enables better change management, configuration management, and versioning, while reducing cycle time for change.