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Reduce SOA pains by “near-live” simulations for active SOA deployments through a SaaS solution that enables rapid prototyping with TCS MasterCraft InstantApps.

Critical success factors for IT projects are quick turnaround and low cost of development and deployment. TCS MasterCraft InstantApps address these challenges by providing a custom solution that completely automates the application building processes by using a SOA-compliant, multi-tenant technology bringing business agility and enables the development of an application (small- or medium-sized) entirely within a browser. 

Key features

  • Facilitates a WYSIWYG view into the development environment and users (end clients as well as functional experts) are able to see upfront, where the delivery is heading – allowing for early path correction, leading to huge cost and time savings
  •  With its multi-tenancy capability, InstantApps can service all customers in a single hosted application. This enables for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment within the corporate firewall. The platform acts as an SOA client for existing and future deployments
  • Supports the sharing of best practices across departments through mash-ups and simple drag-drops. It also provides hassle-free deployment with near-zero coding during developments or a change in business processes
  • With the technology being browser-based, it can be accessed from any location as long as a network connection can be made
  • Allows the user to see the effects and deploy any process change immediately
  • Supports point and click development of moderate-sized multi-tier J2EE applications
  • Contains simple forms, business logic, workflow, dynamic reports design, themes, skins, multi database / web server support, role-based security, internationalization and email automation
  • Assists in the rapid development and deployment of applications and rapid prototyping for large enterprise applications
  • Provides support for RIA like themes, wizards, dashboard and graphs
  • Aids BPMN-supported workflow module with help in configuring rules

Key Benefits 

  • Agility: Agile business solutions can be created using this technology, as it has minimum coding requirements, the biggest bottleneck to rapid changes.
  • On-demand availability: Enables easier systems management by means of a “SaaS-behind the firewall” model, meeting the needs of on-demand application availability.
  • Multi-geography collaboration: Domain experts / business analysts can be geographically apart and still contribute to the solution, as this technology is internet-browser-based and does not need client component installation and maintenance.
  • Lower TCO: Multi-tenant technology enables better resource utilization and supports multiple applications to be created, hosted and maintained on a single hardware and software infrastructure.
  • SOA Client: It is a ready-fit into the corporate SOA architecture (if one exists or will get deployed in future) and it is possible to both, advertise as well as consume services, via this platform.
  • Web 2.0 capabilities: These allow enterprises to reuse pre-existing web components, because of the possibility to add or change features in their applications without investing in such component creation.