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Rule Extraction Workbench


Manage reverse engineering projects, transformation & migration projects, application portfolio rationalization / consolidation and decommissioning projects with the TCS MasterCraft Rule Extraction Workbench.

The TCS MasterCraft Rule Extraction Workbench is a business rule mapping and extraction platform for IT applications and works based on the static code analysis techniques. It deploys industry-leading code analysis and business process mapping techniques, enabling faster time-to-market and reduced maintenance and transformation cost.

The TCS MasterCraft Rule Extraction Workbench has some unique traits that differentiate it from the other options available in the market. These are listed below:

  • Business Rule Extraction Workbench: A unique platform to give business definition to the application source code
  • Impact Analysis Workbench: A one-stop solution to trace the impact of a change
  • Application Knowledge Repository: An exhaustive repository of technical knowledge of the business application

key benefits 

  • Using this product reduces 10-30% of the manual effort, resulting in faster time-to-market.
  • Understanding the application in quick time with the help of this product increases the stability of the application and will eventually reduce the cost involved in the maintenance of the application.
  • Application owners and key decision makers of the applications can have complete insight of different applications from a maintainability and stability perspective.
  • It provides for accurate, detailed and consistent documentation / reports.
  • It improves the learning efficiency of new team members.