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Med Mantra - TCS Hospital Management and Information System

TCS' MedMantra is a new age hospital management solution which is set to transform the hospital management and information solution use in hospitals by shifting the focus from recording healthcare to delivering healthcare. The solution has a patient centric approach with intrinsic EMR, strong clinical focus and a full function ERP making it a comprehensive solution for the hospital.

Med Mantra goes beyond hospital automation to help you achieve Patient Care and Satisfaction, Patient Health Management through EMR, Lower Cost of Operations, Effective Decision Making, Capacity Utilization, Resource Optimization, Physician and Staff Productivity, Integration with External Systems, and Statutory Compliance.

With this product, large and medium-sized hospitals can streamline patient care, hospital administration, ancillary services, and clinical support activities. Your health care institution can realize better administration and control, enhanced fund management, better reporting to aid strategic decision making, and improved patient care and satisfaction.

For more details, read the brochure on Med Mantra - TCS Hospital Management and Information System.

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Tata Accounts Receivable and Billing System (TARABS)

Improving cash flow is critical for every business, as is the need to present accurate,
integrated and timely bills to customers and enhance their overall experience. Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance enterprises, such as yours, therefore need a billing and receivable management system that is capable of handling the complex needs of the industry.

TCS offers you Tata Accounts Receivable and Billing System (TARABS). Our solution is equipped with an excellent customer service feature and a premium accounting functionality coupled with the ability to improve the cash flow.

For more details, read Tata Accounts Receivable and Billing System (TARABS).

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TCS Clin-e2e

This Clinical Trial Management Solution addresses all four phases of clinical trials. A secure online environment captures electronic data and integrates sites and labs with sponsors. Pharmaceutical companies are able to create customized Case Report Forms (CRF) and investigate clinical data more effectively as they successfully monitor progress of global trial sites, reduce time and cost of clinical trials, and ensure regulatory compliance with global frameworks.

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TCS Silicone Ambulatory ECG Device and Solution

For assessing patients quickly and correctly to avert cardiac arrests, TCS Silicone provides real-time monitoring of heart condition via ECG (graphical data in Lead II configuration). The information is then transmitted through any available radio frequency communication channel, enabling doctors to decide the immediate course of action. It also has a built-in feature to send diagnostic alerts to a hospital through a mobile phone interface.

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TCS Enterprise Integration and Control Environment Solution/ Energy and Utilities

This product allows integration of a wide variety of functions including materials management, energy billing, energy accounting, operations and maintenance, finance, and HR. Your enterprise will be able to increase responsiveness through enterprise-wide visibility, automate billing and settlement processes, improve asset utilization, and build profitable customer relationships.

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TCS Bio-informatics Solution

Address the need for accessible databases and analytical applications that sort and organize the massive amounts of data required in this industry, enabling quick distribution of critical information to researchers. This product assists drug discovery processes from target identification to lead optimization, and addresses four major functional areas: Genomics, Protein Modeling and Structural Analysis, Simulation, and Drug Design. Researchers are assisted by sequence analysis, genome analysis, comparative genomics, 3D modeling, 3D structure manipulations, structural analysis and simulations.

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VERICUT - Machine Simulation Software

TCS' Engineering and Industrial Services group has been promoting VERICUT product line in India since 1992.

VERICUT is a CNC Machine simulation software developed by California-based CGTech that enables you to machine parts on the computer before actual cutting occurs. Using VERICUT, manufacturers can verify the accuracy of the program before it is loaded on the machine, reducing or eliminating the need for the time-consuming manual prove-out process and minimizing material costs.

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