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In a fast-changing global business environment, organizations are looking beyond labor and cost arbitrage to improve business agility, streamline business processes, manage risk and enhance compliance. 

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TCS’ Platform Solutions leverage their IT, IS and service delivery capabilities, infrastructure strengths, and access to new technology and process acumen to provide you with pay-as-you-use business solutions that enable scalability, flexibility and cost predictability to cope with dynamic business needs.

What TCS Provides

TCS’ Platform Solutions provide cloud-based platform solutions and services for the following processes: TCS Platform Solutions

  • Human Capital Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Analytics

Our platform solutions are built on established ERP technologies such as SAP and Oracle with integrated TCS extensions, tools and value additions. The platforms are hosted on reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure, which comprise a network of global data and delivery centers with 24/7 management and monitoring mechanism.

Our global and scalable solutions enable the standardization and consolidation of your business processes while accommodating changing needs. You are assured of quick on-boarding by leveraging pre-configured and standardized processes, ready-to-use accelerators and integration frameworks.

Our solutions can be provisioned in a flexible manner as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) based on what option is best aligned to your priorities and needs. Both models are provided at a cost-effective price payable monthly on a pay-as-per-use basis. The solutions can be provisioned on a modular basis.

Why TCS?

  • A global and scalable solution that enables the standardization and consolidation of processes while accommodating growing business needs
  • Improved efficiency in business operations with sustained performance of best practices and deployment of effective control mechanisms
  • Quick on-boarding by leveraging pre-configured and standardized processes, ready-to-use accelerators and integration frameworks
  • Single point of accountability for infrastructure, information technology and business process management
  • Substantial reduction in TCO, with a pay-per-use pricing model that enables you to variablize payout and minimize capital investment 

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Case Studies

Infiniti Retail Limited digitizes its performance management process with TCS Talent Management Solution and improves quality of service

Learn how TCS Talent Management Solution helped Infiniti Retail Limited attain an automated, intuitive and cost effective performance management solution, aligned with its business strategy.



This Infographic talks about how leaner accounts payable (AP) organizations are at an advantage and what benefits TAP has in store for organizations in the AP domain.

Case Studies

Scandinavian Airlines achieves 30 to 40 percent savings by simplifying, standardizing, and automating its Finance and Accounting processes with TCS' F&A Platform

Learn how TCS' F&A Platform helped Scandinavian Airlines unify, simplify, standardize and automate its Finance and Accounting processes, improving efficiency with reduced costs across operating 55 countries.

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