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Intelligent Document Conversion Solutions® - Exegenix®


This hosted solution converts any printable electronic content in Postscript or PDF format into XML. Organizations can meet their content conversion needs with minimal human involvement. The Exegenix technology provides seamless conversion management through a combination of automated processes and an intuitive interface.


For organizations with large quantities of content, manual conversion is a slow, expensive, labor-intensive process. The re-keying and hand tagging of content not only requires an extensive knowledge of XML, but also results in typographic and syntactic errors.

While many solutions rely on rigid conformance to styles, the conversion process in Exegenix is based on a document’s presentation, not binary data files. Therefore, conversion is not subject to inconsistent application of original styling / formatting codes and resultant structural errors.

This technology has already been successfully applied on source materials from global organizations in a variety of industries including analytical legal research, distance learning content syndication, cross-media publishing and information services.

Exegenix supports multiple output formats such as HTML, OEB, DAISY and eBook.