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TCS Digital Certification/PKI Services


In an increasingly information-centric world, it is critical for businesses and organizations to access, share and exchange information. Quickly. Conveniently. Securely. As a licensed Certifying Authority and leader in the IT space, we are uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end security solutions ranging from Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) deployment and digital certificate services to desktop, web and application security solutions.

We are a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) and are authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Government of India, to issue legally valid digital certificates. Through our Trust Network, we provide PKI Services to individuals, companies and government organizations.

Client Challenges

  • High operational costs due to the high cost of maintenance of the systems and the associated hardware
  • Adherence to compliance issues and high compliance costs
  • Establishment of adequate measures to ensure the protection and easy retrieval of documents
  • Confusion created by the intensive competition and constant price war among Certifying Authorities

What TCS Provides

TCS Certifying Authority (TCS-CA) provides the following solutions and services:

Digital Certificates

Digital certificates serve as your identity in the digital world. We issue the following types of certificates: 

  • Personal Digital Certificates (Classes 1/2/3/Company/Individual/Government type)
  • Webserver (SSL) certificates
  • Code Signing Certificates

TCS Certifying Authority certificates are valid for the following offerings:

  • E-Tendering Applications: Indian Railways e-procurement system, IFFCO, ONGC, DGS&D or any eTendering application
  • E-Filing applications: filing of online forms on MCA portal, online filing of Income Tax/eTDS returns, Patent Application efiling
  • E-Ticketing application: IRCTC
  • Signing/Encryption emails/forms/files

Identity Management

This includes the following services:

  • Managed PKI Services: We provide a managed PKI Solution that enables you to issue and manage digital certificates for your employees, partners and associates. Outsourced infrastructure and administration makes this type of PKI deployment quick and cost-effective.
  • Gamut of PKI Offerings: Dhruvam is a PKI suite designed and developed by us, to manage the cryptographic keys and digital certificates that make up the digital identities required to automate security-related (digital certificate and digital signature-based) processes in organizations.

Desktop Security

Our digital signing and encryption solutions provide protection by making files confidential and tamper-proof and providing assurance regarding the authenticity of the source. These include the following:

  • File Signer (Plus/Pi)
  • File Verifier
  • KryptoSigner

Application Security

  • FormSigner: It enables web-based transactions to be digitally signed and authenticated by applying digital signatures to electronic form-based processes, providing assurances over the source, privacy and accuracy of electronic data. It can be easily integrated with any custom web application to provide confidentiality of the data submitted using a web form.
  • KryptoSigner: It is designed for the secure exchange of digitally signed information with a server over an HTTP/HTTPS link.

Business Value

  • Leverage our expertise and experience: TCS-CA is the largest certifying authority in India with over 100 partners, and we have issued over 400,000 digital certificates in India
  • Secure a foolproof, scalable, flexible, and legally valid security mechanism to various applications
  • Obtain a range of technical and business process advice from the professional services team at TCS Certifying Authority
  • Leverage our consultancy services to plan your security architecture, new applications and the integration of digital signature certificates with existing applications
  • Utilize the excellent support services provided by our Certifying Authority helpdesk team