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Fault Management System


Increasing customer expectations and rapid technology evolution have transformed the global telecommunications business environment dramatically. Companies partner with multiple vendors and manage multi-technology, multi-format and multi-protocol network elements in a bid to offer uninterrupted and high-quality services to customers.

The resulting complexity in organizational networks and the lack of an integrated view into these networks present a major challenge for enterprises. The most minor fault detected while managing Operations Support System (OSS) or Business Support System (BSS) can lead to the violation of service-level agreements and a significant loss of revenue. 

TCS' Solution

TCS’ Hosted OSS/BSS Fault Management System’s (FMS) rule-based-next generation root-cause analysis engine with co-relation and filtering capabilities helps you achieve improved network assurance and deliver superior service to customers. Our flexible deployment and commercial model also makes it cost-effective.  

It is equipped to provide you with the key capabilities to manage faults effectively: 

  • Configuration Manager enables you to configure business rules, alarm filters, templates and the display of Network Operations Center (NOC). The user-friendly interface (UI) allows you to handle a large number of alarms with ease and efficiency. 
  • Integration Manager helps you integrate new devices, which need to be monitored by FMS. The integration can be completed with zero downtime leveraging easy-to-use, wizard-driven UI. 
  • Alarm and Correlation Manager displays alarms in accordance with configured business rules as well as selected alarm filters. It helps you reduce effort and achieve operational excellence by co-relating interconnected faults using pre-defined rules of knowledge base. 
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Manager allows you to use a defined knowledge base to minimize the impact of faults on your service. Its capability of structured problem-solving helps you proactively prevent repeated equipment failures by investigating and determining the root cause of the failure. 


  • Monitor networks and manage faults effectively: Resolve issues and rectify faults by obtaining a unified view of your network using the key capabilities of the solution such as single alarm window, alarms across a disparate network, alarm filters and pre-built business rules.
  • Obtain rapid assurance and reduce external dependence: Reduce your dependence on vendors and ensure faster assurance of deployed devices through easy-to-use, configurable and UI-driven integration.
  • Make informed decisions using unified reporting: Leverage configurable and pre-built reports, views and business dashboards to use the fault data for quicker and intelligent business decisions.
  • Accelerate fault resolution: Access fault data based on roles and irrespective of device types (mobile, desktops, video walls, tablets and more) on FMS. This capability enables you to increase productivity and speed up fault resolution. 
  • Manage faults across multiple elements: Introduce ease of use and uniformity in fault management by leveraging FMS as a single system to manage faults across multiple vendors, technology solutions, services as well as formats and network protocols. 

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ FMS, offered via cost-effective models, provides you with a competitive edge in ensuring superior customer experience and service quality:

  • Pay-as-you-use model
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model
  • Buy-as-you-grow model

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