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Network Inventory Management System


Most large telecommunications players have several lines of business, each with their own provisioning, mediation, service delivery and accounting systems. These come with the corresponding operational and reporting issues, including maintaining efficiency, speed and performance. Managing multiple infrastructures means higher costs, which escalate as technology changes.

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Major changes result in newer business and go-to-market models, service offerings and value chains. In such a scenario, infrastructure can become obsolete. Telecommunications companies then face increasing variety, complexity and differentiation across the service enterprise. Fierce competition also makes decision-making a formidable challenge.

CSPs need to have a truly integrated view of the entire inventory across the plant and geographical representation of the network assets. TCS’ Hosted OSS/BSS Network Inventory Management System is a comprehensive, integrated network operations framework across different networks, technologies and services provided by CSPs to their customers.  

TCS’ Solution

TCS’ solution addresses your challenges as a CSP through four components:

  • Inventory Manager: This single source of truth comprises a metadata-driven model of physical, logical and service inventory network entities, for easier planning, builds, rollouts, operations and maintenance of multi-technology or vendor or device deployment.
  • Discovery Manager: This represents our auto-discovery mechanism for new as well as existing infrastructure and sub-elements, including physical and logical configuration elements deployed in the network.
  • Reconciliation and Synchronization Manager: This reduces data inaccuracies and optimizes network utilization by synchronizing inventory data with the discovered network data.
  • Outside-Plant Manager: This carries out dedicated mapping of outside-plant assets and spatial data analysis using pre-built dashboards, to enable efficient network fulfillment and assurance. 


  • Efficiency in planning: Use our simple, consolidated visual interface to view resource availability, usage and capacity, increase asset utilization and plan better.
  • Flexible deployment: Deploy our solution in part or full, on the public or private cloud, using its multi-tenant capability over a range of networks, technologies and services.
  • Faster network rollout: Leverage our technology-agnostic solution's topology-based configuration for faster network rollout and automated discovery and reconciliation, achieving a shorter time-to-market.
  • Greater operational efficiency: Apply rehoming and grooming data to improve operational excellence. Use our solution's mobility feature to make remote management of networks more efficient.
  • Reduced effort through standardization: Benefit with First Time Right (FTR), metadata-driven service design and the built-in enhanced Telecom Operations Map; Information Framework; OSS through Java (eTOM, SID, OSS/j); and lean standards to reduce design, validation and rework effort. 

The TCS Advantage

We offer this solution on a pay-as-you-use model, which eliminates capital expenditure and allows you to benefit from a subscription-based model for all hardware, software and professional services you use from us.

Our solution is also available to you on a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model and works in plug-and-play mode. You implement it and get started without delay. Should you need to scale up your operations based on actual requirements, use our Hosted OSS/BSS Network Inventory Management System on a buy-as-you-grow mode as your business grows, adopting new business models as needed.

Our offering provides you anytime, anywhere, secure data. Our private cloud infrastructure ensures data security for you through multiple security layers enabled with authorized, secure, anytime, anywhere data access.

Download Brochure (PDF, 248 KB)

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