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Application Infrastructure Management System


Seamlessly enable new business models, technology and partnerships with TCS’ Hosted OSS/BSS Application Infrastructure Management System.

TCS’ Hosted OSS / BSS Application Infrastructure Management System (AIMS) is the foundation layer of the solution that provides common services across all functional domains, technical wiring and instrumentation needs. AIMS performs the key functions essential to ensure that the overall solution is able to deliver the key value proposition principles, namely the following: 

  • A high degree of pre-integration
  • Automation
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • A flexible and scalable solution

AIMS provides the common-data-model framework and the pre-integration services that are based on the eTOM framework and pre-modeled business processes that are the core architectural tenets.  

Payment, notification and documentation needs are necessitated in the customer management, order management and revenue management areas and AIMS provides comprehensive facilities across these functions in the most efficient fashion.

The Business Service Layer is the backbone of the integration layer and this module provides plug-and-play architecture by decoupling the dependency between interfacing systems and providing a layered service implementation. 

The Application Management System module enables IT operations to effectively and efficiently manage the events / alerts generated by the various modules of the total solution and plays an important role is delivering the promise of hosted OSS / BSS as the key enabler for lean and mean operations.


  • A common platform framework across all the products and modules, enabling pre-integration and pre-modeling of services and templates
  • Common instrumentation mechanisms, facilitating easier adoption for IT operations
  • A single monitoring tool for the entire solution set, enabling management-hosting SLAs (infrastructure, operations and business) 
  • Common document management services across the various functions