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Hosted OSS/BSS (HOBS) Customer Relationship Management System



With increasing consumer adoption of digital services, expanding partner ecosystems, and an evolving regulatory landscape, communication service providers (CSPs) are keen on providing differentiated consumer experiences to establish market share and

enhance profitability.

TCS’ HOBS Customer Relationship Management (HOBS CRM) Solution provides core CRM processes and preconfigured business transactions to support the needs of both traditional and digital telcos. CSPs can easily launch and manage new digital services and work with an expanding partner ecosystem. Our solution includes end-to-end support for transforming sales, customer service, and crosschannel processes that enhance customer experience.


As CSPs transform themselves into digital telcos with portfolios that extend beyond the core telecommunications business, there is a need for flexible, adaptable, and extensible CRM solutions. While simplified and standardized operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) are needed for traditional telco services, a comprehensive CRM solution should come integrated with business critical applications such as billing and order management as well as peripheral BSS applications. Adoption of innovative consumption models such as ‘build-as-you-grow’ and ‘pay-as-you-go’ is likely to bring in higher levels of operational efficiency at a lower TCO. However, the challenge lies in choosing a solution that supports the growth of evolving telecom companies. CSPs are therefore exploring cloud-based CRM solutions that offer on-premise as well as private cloud-deployment options that counter data security and privacy concerns.

TCS’ HOBS CRM Solution offers pre-configured products, pre-modeled processes, pre-defined telecom-centric data models, and configurable architecture for enabling transformation and simplification initiatives. The use of pre-built capabilities in a sustained manner is designed to help telcos move away from the traditional approach of BSS/OSS integration. By leveraging a standardized and multi-tenanted architecture, the solution transforms CRM into a potential revenue generator, to be offered in ‘as-a-service’ model to CSPs’ enterprise clients.

Our Solution

TCS’ HOBS CRM Solution integrates and streamlines the processes of sales, customer service and multiple channels to help CSPs deliver consistent and exceptional customer experience. Its features include:

  • Sales: The solution increases business agility, enhances revenues, and enables better collaboration with  customers. The solution supports lead and opportunity management through automated order conversion. It offers template and product driven ‘configure, price, and quote’ (CPQ) functionality, configurable contract agreements, and business rules driven commission management. Configurable, smart, and optimized workflows ensure effective traceability, management, and control.
  • Service: The solution helps companies improve their net promoter score (NPS) through proactive and holistic service management. In addition to providing a 360 degree customer view, the TCS solution supports case management, SLA definition, tracking, and reporting across multiple channels. It allows digital enablement of customer service through pre-integration with channels such as social, mobile, chat, email, and more. The solution provides detailed customer profiles and transaction history to help manage customer loyalty initiatives.
  • Channels: The solution provisions an omnichannel ecosystem to enable CSPs to attract and engage customers across their lifecycle. It supports launch of new products, sales and marketing initiatives, as well as customer service and interaction across all channels. The solution empowers the end-customer through self-service features available on mobile, web, and social channels. CSPs can effectively manage their partner ecosystem for sales, pricing, and support through a pre-integrated reseller portal.


The HOBS CRM Solution enables CSPs to manage and enhance relationships across the entire customer lifecycle, while directly contributing to profitability. It drives the following benefits:

  • Improved customer experience: The solution enables a better understanding of customers’ needs and preferences, while enabling CSPs to deliver consistent omni-channel experience. The solution also offers multi-tenant support for multiple languages and currencies, offering localized support for global consumers.
  • Increased process efficiency: The cloud-based HOBS CRM solution enables scalability, reliability, and security, while ushering in process efficiency and simplification with its pre-modeled processes and set-up.
  • Reduced operational complexities: The functions, encompassing both sales and post-sales processes, are designed around the self-service mode to enhance the pre-built, pre-integrated, and simplified business processes across the customer lifecycle.
  • Faster time to market: Configurable architecture and processes, as well as template-driven user interfaces, increase agility and reduce time to market.
  • Lower cost to serve: The cost to serve customers comes down drastically due to increased efficiency through optimized call center operations, online portals, and a deployment model that provides commercial and technological flexibility. 

The TCS Advantage

TCS brings extensive domain and CRM expertise across strategy definition, implementation, transformation, and support. We also offer the following key advantages:

  • Demonstrated value: TCS was placed in the ‘Winners Circle’ by the analyst firm HfS Research in its 2014 'Blueprint Report on Telecom Operations Services'. It recognizes TCS’ expertise, comprehensive solution set, thought leadership, strong delivery, and innovation capabilities in driving value for clients.
  • Comprehensive business focus: TCS is committed to elevating relationships with CSPs by going beyond being a vendor and becoming a business partner. We provide end-to-end managed IT solutions, including platforms and  services, delivered with adherence to business and regulatory SLAs.
  • Modular design: The core product is designed to be modular and extensible, thereby providing the right IT support for the evolving needs of a digital telco.
  • Flexible commercial models: A license-based model and usage-based pricing ensure minimal upfront investment, as well as greater control and flexibility. With our ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, CSPs can minimize capital expenditure and pay on a subscription basis for the hardware, software, and services they use. We support CSPs to ‘build-as-you-grow’, scaling up operations based on actual needs.

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