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Inventory Management System


Manage your end-to-end inventory lifecycle, the key to fulfillment, with TCS’ Hosted OSS/BSS Inventory Management System.

One of the important top-line objectives of any service provider is to reduce the time to activate a service and fulfilling inventory obligations is a critical necessity in that objective. 

TCS’ Hosted OSS/BSS Inventory Management system (IMS) is an integrated inventory management solution and it enables service fulfillment scenarios through a comprehensive end-to-end lifecycle management of numbers, SIMs, devices and vouchers. IMS is mainly responsible for managing the lifecycle of logical inventory and physical inventory such as SIM cards, vouchers and device/CPE inventory.


  • Integrated inventory management enables service fulfillment scenarios and quick time to activate services. 
  • Comprehensive number management facilitates end-to-end lifecycle management. 
  • Voucher management system enables all voucher processes seamlessly across physical and electronic vouchers.
  • Integrated SIM management provides complete support around ordering to deactivating SIMs.