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mKRISHI® | Rural Service Delivery Platform


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Despite the penetration of mobiles phones in rural areas, the potential to leverage it for crucial information dispersal and provision of valuable services remain largely unexplored. This has been due to various constraints including diversity in language and the inability to localize and personalize services in order to address individual needs. Understanding these intricacies, TCS’ mKRISHI® platform uses mobile technology to cater to the absolute needs of the rural sector. It offers personalized advisory services in voice and visual using communication devices like mobile phones.

mKRISHI® serves to achieve the following:

  • Reach farmers individually to understand their needs
  • Enable farmers to receive important information about pesticides, fertilizers and soil and water conservation
  • Provide critical micro-climate, weather information in order to plan farming operations
  • Facilitate better production and cultivation practices
  • Improve access to markets, refining the associated economy

mKRISHI® provides farmers with the benefits of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). It is an award-winning, patent-pending innovative platform that delivers services to rural communities. It connects farmers with a variety of stakeholders packaging multiple services through communication devices like mobile phones. It can also integrate wireless sensors and script technology with communication devices to provide an enhanced solution. mKRISHI® ensures significant business benefits to the stakeholders by enabling them to reach the farmers directly.

Empowering the Rural Community

Apart from the technological innovation, mKRISHI® has enabled the possibility for information exchange between various stakeholders of the rural economy. Many agri-input companies, rural banks, insurance companies, governments and agricultural universities find it convenient and economical to reach a group of or individual farmers using TCS’ mKRISHI® platform.

Solutions we offer

TCS’ mKRISHI® platform can be used as a tool by any organization, including corporate houses and enterprises, that want to focus on the rural sector to perform transactions, capture field information, and process and research that specific critical information. The platform can be customized according to the needs of each customer.


mKRISHI® Lite is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - based system offered as an entry-level service to farmer in addition to an expert’s web-console interface.

  • Farmers dial a common number (called the IVR service number).
  • They follow the directives to perform their transactions or reach out for solutions / advisories.
  • The availability of information in farmers’ regional languages enables better engagement and convenience.

With TCS’ mKRISHI® platform’s web-consoles, experts analyze every farmer’s query and provide their responses with directives and solutions. The status of the response to each query is communicated to the farmers via electronic messages as and when the queries get read. Upon the availability of an expert’s solution, farmers pull the expert’s advice via the platform.  

Farmers are also provided with other alerts like weather forecasts, market prices, best practices, etc. in either English or their local languages.

mKRISHI® Regular

mKRISHI® Regular constitutes a mobile application on the farmers’ handsets pushing information through the interface between the mobile application and an expert’s web-console. The entire application is customized and personalized according to the farmer’s regional language to aid convenience in communication.

Other features in mKRISHI® Regular include the following:

  • Information push messages sent / received through a separate inbox in the application
  • Advice aggregation to track and analyze the historical data of advices
  • Image capture feature to report abnormalities or raise requests
  • An Abnormality Image Gallery catalogue to check for crop health

mKRISHI® Regular also enables enterprises to gather critical field information through a customized mobile application with instantaneous information capture and parallel information processing for immediate operations planning.


mKRISHI® Plus includes critical weather information dissemination using Automatic Weather Station (AWS) in addition to the mKRISHI® Regular offerings. AWS enables pushing JIT location-specific personalized weather information to the farmers, including important weather parameters like rainfall, temperature, humidity, etc. at regular intervals. Weather being a crucial element for every farming practice and operation, providing this information is vital.

business benefits

TCS’ mKRISHI® platform integrates multiple technologies to empower farmers with vital information based on specific needs like weather, fertilizer and pest control. It allows them to check for information in their local languages with image and voice through mobile phones and provides the relevant information. The convergence of these critical technologies with specific personalization and scalability benefits both customers and farmers.

Specific benefits include the following:

Technology Convergence 

  • Mobile-to-web console
  • Automatic Weather Station (AWS) and sensors integration
  • Complex parametric device integration
  • Research content integrations and linkages
  • Enterprise back-end integration
  • Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Local language renderers


  • Farmer-specific information dissemination
  • Location-specific information dissemination
  • Process-specific service customization
  • Enterprise-specific service packaging

Ease of scalability

  • Designed specifically to enable large-scale operations

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