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TCS’ mKRISHI® platform has won national and international awards for its innovative use of technology.

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Customer Speak

“I am Marudhamuthu, working as Tata Field Agent in TATA Rallis Limited. My job is to procure the produce from farmers, take them to the warehouse and verify that the payment is made to farmers. Initially before mKRISHI was in the picture, we usually called Area Regional Managers and gave the details of procurement, storage and payment. Now we send all the information through the mKRISHI mobile application which is accurate.  It helps us to trace all the procurement.”
- Marudhamuthu, Field Agent from Chennai, Tamil Nadu

“It’s an innovation which is transforming the way services are delivered in rural India.”
- Amerjeet, Farmer from Punjab

“The software is so user friendly that farmers can easily find answers to their routine field problems using the Frequently Asked Questions uploaded on their mobile phones. The transmission of text messages and photographs of crop conditions from fields help experts provide technical advice in the shortest possible time which makes this service very popular among farmers. The use of this service for two years helped the farmers get timely advice for effective and cheap control of insect pests and diseases of their crops which otherwise is a major cause of their crop losses.”
- Dr. GS Chahal, Executive Director, Reviving Green Revolution Cell, Punjab Agricultural University

“Farmers find this service so useful that, this service will soon be available to all the farmers in our area of launch.”
- Anjeeta Barnwal, Assistant Manager - Business Development, TATA Chemicals Limited  

TCS in the News

Mobile Phone Farming

mKRISHI, a platform developed by Tata Consultancy Services to provide personalized advice to Indian farmers on low-end mobile phones has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Wall Street Journal Asian Innovation Awards.

TCS in the News

Harnessing technology for farmers

Learn how TCS’ mKRISHI, a mobile agro advisory system, allows farmers to send queries to agricultural experts in their local languages through a mobile and receive personalised advice or relevant information in the local language.