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TCS xCOS™ - Accelerated Customer On-Boarding Solution


TCS xCOS™ - Accelerated Customer On-Boarding Solution - is a comprehensive solution designed to help companies in the banking & financial services (BFS) and insurance sectors consolidate and transform their new account opening process across the organization.

Client Challenges

  • User Experience: Building Competitive Differentiation
    • Enabling the mobile channel, which is seen as potentially the most preferred channel to fill up application forms in near future
    • Enabling “Apply Once – Open Many!” for online channels
  • Compliance: Reducing Risks
    • Enabling change management to deploy ever-tightening regulations
    • Preventing frauds on online channels
  • Technology: Reducing Costs
    • Managing multiple applications across channels, products and lines of business
    • Reducing TCO: Simplifying complex technology environment to support new generation online channels and traditional paper-based channels simultaneously
  • Sales: Increasing Revenues
    • Raising revenues through cross sell and up sell

What TCS Provides

Today, BFS and insurance companies have to contend with cut-throat competition and fast changing products. Their sales teams not only have to educate potential customers and influence their decision making but also deliver an unmatched customer experience in the process. This task is further complicated with newer mobility channels while a large number of customers still prefer old paper-based channels. Customer on-boarding is, therefore, one major area of transformation and technology upgrade for financial organizations today.

TCS xCOS™ is built on the EMC xCP platform with a customer self service portal designed to elevate the customer experience to next level while making the process easy and consistent for customers. It provides a platform for companies to consolidate their customer on-boarding operations, with integrated imaging capabilities including ICR, OCR, barcodes, which enable them to meet the challenges of old generation paper channels while they prepare for and transition into new generation channels of online self service portals, tablets and mobile phones. The solution also offers a tablet PC interface for the mobile sales force to enhance the sales experience for customers.

The solution combines TCS’ deep domain expertise in BFS, with its proven ECM delivery capabilities and Lean Six Sigma Process excellence, to create a transformational technology solution.

Business Value

  • Enhanced customer experience, simplified processes and reduced cycle times
  • Increased sales with mobility and online customer service channels
  • Up to 10-30% reduction in costs with enhanced productivity
  • Agility to address process changes due to the changing regulations


xCOS™ Accelerated Customer On-boarding Solution

Learn how TCS’ xCOS™, an end-to-end solution leveraging TCS’ expertise in BFSI and Lean Six Sigma, helps banks support new generation online self-service and mobility channels while still supporting traditional paper-based channels.