Platform Solutions

TAP™ Purchasing

TAP Purchasing provides simple e-commerce like buying experience with ‘smart’ shopping carts, item search, seamless PO creation and transmission through integrated supplier portal. It helps organizations bring more spend under management and increase contract compliance.


The Platform

Enterprises today are encumbered by decentralized procurement systems and low user adoption of procurement software. This makes it difficult to track whether purchases are compliant with the enterprise’s buying policies and provides no means to measure realizable savings at the point of purchase.

TAP™ Purchasing embeds adherence to purchasing policies, budget checks, and on-screen validations for approvals into a single automated system. It makes the entire procurement workflow transparent, increasing the contracted expenditure amounts, and thus, boosting enterprise’s SUM.. The platform’s intuitive user interface (UI) ensures wide-ranging adoption, eliminating the need for you to run fragmented processes.

Our Solution

TAPTM Purchasing offers functionalities covering catalog and non-catalog based requisitions, automatic and standard PO creations, and desktop and/or centralized goods receipts. Additionally, the solution provides you with an enhanced buying environment, including features like ‘smart’ shopping carts, product comparison capabilities, and auto-populated user details.


  • Reduced purchasing costs
  • Improved supplier collaboration
  • Better compliance
  • Enhanced buying experience

TCS Advantage

  • Scalable and Flexible solution
  • Convergence of areas of expertise
  • Single point of accountability


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