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Finance and Accounting (F&A) Platform

Streamline your finance and accounting management processes across businesses and locations with TCS’ Finance and Accounting (F&A) Platform Solution.

The Platform

TCS F&A Platform gives you a consolidated view of financial transactional data, with faster financial closure, reduced reconciliation effort, and an improved receivables position. This global solution for enterprise F&A functions encompasses processes across Purchasing, Account Payables, Account Receivables, General Accounting, Asset Accounting, Collections, Cash, and Employee Expense Management.

Our F&A Platform conforms to global statutory norms such as IFRS and GAAP. It includes differentiating functionality such as; efficient workflow, robust document management, control account reconciliation toolkit, financial analytics including closing and KPI dashboards, integration frameworks, and self-service portal. The F&A Platform is powered by state-of-the-art ERP application and is hosted on reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure. We offer this in a Business Process as a Service (SaaS + Business Process Services) model.

Our Solution

TCS F&A Platform provides you with comprehensive, compliant and efficient financial business solution, based on globally-accepted and optimized processes. The platform provides you end to end financial processes and includes the following processes:

  • Finance Analytics for Competitive Edge (fACE): The solution provides better insights into financial performance ratios, operational KPIs, customer and product profitability. Our solution provides in-depth analysis into profit margin for different business segmentations like geography, product category, cost centers and customer group. It enables expenses tracking and control, leading to enhanced operational efficiencies and cost savings. One of the many features also includes payables and receivables management by tracking respective performance areas.  


  • A single source of truth for your financial data, with improved and consistent reporting
  • Reduced reconciliation effort and improved receivables position
  • Accelerated on-boarding by leveraging our pre-built content, pre-configured processes and pre-installed technology
  • Adherence to global and standard processes and accelerated response to legal changes
  • Greater visibility of and control over operations through dashboards and analytical support

TCS Advantage

  • A global & scalable solution
  • Improved efficiency in business operations
  • Substantial reduction in TCO & pay-per-use pricing model   

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