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Arysta LifeScience achieves a global consolidated view of procurement operations through TCS' Platform based Analytics Solution

TCS’ Platform based Procurement Analytics Solution helped Arysta LifeScience transform its procurement spend reporting from a manual process into a customized global automated system covering data collection, consolidation, transformation and analysis for over 25 countries.

The Customer:

Arysta LifeScience is one of the world's largest privately held crop protection and life science companies and ranks amongst the top 12 agrochemical companies. Arysta LifeScience offers high quality chemical solutions and products that meet the rapidly changing needs of growers across the globe, raising a diverse range of crops.

Business Scenario:

The organization’s growth had resulted in independent business processes and disparate procurement systems. This led to insufficient visibility into global procurement performance and lack of standardized taxonomy for data comparison across geographies.

TCS’ Solution:

We implemented our proprietary cloud-based Procurement Analytics solution to cater to Arysta Life Science’s needs. This was delivered via a fully owned and managed cloud model, bundling application, infrastructure and services on an integrated services framework.

The solution enables users to:

  • Identify spend patterns across geographies,materials, vendors and locations
  • Compare prices of the same material procured by various business units
  • Analyze the efficiency of procurement operations by comparing procurement cycle time, pricing and, process governance and compliance
  • Track vendor performance based on parameters like on-time delivery, payment terms, International Commercial (INCO) terms and quantity
  • Perform what-if analysis, balancing total price, INCO and credit term
  • Identify the outstanding expenses of the organization


  • Transparency: Increased visibility of global spend patterns, enabling better decision making
  • Time savings: Automating the data process of the most important countries, thereby reducing the lead time for analysis to 1 day
  • Productivity: Reduced time spent by the business and IT teams on data analysis and increased focus on core business activities
  • Scalability: Scalable and flexible system that can be easily integrated with other processes
  • Lower cost: Low total cost of ownership with a competitive upfront price along with minimal CAPEX on licences, hardware and network

Client Quote:

"In order to meet the needs of a rapidly growing and highly complex business, the procurement analytics program was conceived to enhance Arysta LifeScience’s visibility and analytical capabilities and establishing a more globally integrated system. Adopting this platform will be a key enabler, supporting our ongoing efforts to reduce time spent in data gathering and consolidation and providing for greater flexibility in data analysis and more real time insight. This in turn will support more real time decision making." 

- Stephen Pearce, Global Head of Procurement, Arysta LifeScience   

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