Application and System Testing

The objective of this research group is to investigate and develop methods and tools to reduce latencies in the test process and at the same time provide greater assurance on the quality of the software being tested.

We are exploring the use of model based techniques to automate test design and test generation for business applications. We are also investigating and experimenting with test selection and parallelization techniques to reduce latencies.

We have developed a method and a tool that aim to formalise and automate the entire test process including test design, test planning and test automation. The process comprises capturing application functionality as a business process model which is easily understood by all stakeholders, yet is formal enough to allow automatic extraction of test scenarios, end-to-end test cases, generation of test data and test scripts to automate execution.

Software products and applications have a number of variations in terms of features they support as well as processes they implement. We are investigating SPLE techniques for testing variability, product configurations and releases and test selection.

The group is headed by Vipul Shah.



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