BioAppliance Platform

The BioAppliance Platform includes enhanced search tools, which streamline search and analysis to save time and effort. Extracted knowledge is accessed in an integrated fashion, revealing facts and associations that were previously difficult to find. The platform may be installed locally behind a company’s firewall or may be accessed over the web via TCS’ convenient web portal, or both. 

Furthermore, having TCS perform the deployment ensures that the solution is seamlessly integrated with your existing IT infrastructure.

The platform components include the following:

  • TPX (pronounced Topics) = TCS PubMed eXplorer
  • TBD = TCS Bioinformatics Database
  • TAD = TCS Associations Database
  • TNA (pronounced TiNA) = TCS Network Analyzer

Our BioAppliance Platform product suite allows you to explore data extracted from over 22 million abstracts and hundreds of thousands of full-text articles from hundreds of journals.

Download Brochure BioAppliance Platform (75 KB)

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